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Ever Wondered Why Some Latin American Wines Taste Like Shit?

Remember that hot Latinas wine? Well, there’s even a better — or, rather, worse — version of that thing. It is called “Culitos” (literally “Little Assholes”) and I will not be buying it any time soon. ¡Guácala! Hat tip: @Bathtubmedia … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel -and Mexican sidekick- Visit Austin’s Piñata District. It Gets Interesting [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel and Mexican sidekick, Guillermo, will have a shot of tequila every time someone says the word “piñata.” WARNING: They are actually in Austin’s piñata district, so you can imagine what happens next:  

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Latina Bloggers Now Come with a Dose of Tabasco Sauce

OK, shame on me, but given the fact they will never invite me again, my very busy schedule, this year I was not able to attend Hispanicize, that smoochfest between Mommy Bloggers and their Corporate Sugar Daddys I once had the fortune to … Continue reading

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Move Over, Celine Dion, Mexico ‘Titanic’ Theme is Way Cooler

If you thought Mexican musicians were only good to cover the likes of Michael Jackson and such, think again. This awesome pair has come up with a brand new rendition of El Titani, which apparently is “Mexican” for The Titanic and is rightly dedicated to … Continue reading

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Who Needs Starbucks When you Can Have Starpulcks?

Via: Activismo Cultural sobre el Agave


Internet User in L.A. Poses Excellent Question about Mexicans

The Internet is an oasis of information, entertainment, endless time-wasting and — more importantly — thought-provoking inquiries. Take Username_2000, a ‘Daily Mail Online’ reader in Los Angeles, California, who took to that empowering tool known as the “comments box” to ponder … Continue reading

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Let the Hispandering Begin. Ted Cruz Launches Ad in Spanish

The anti-immigration, anti-gay, climate-change denier, Canadian immigrant Christian (aka Ted Cruz) today confirmed he will be running for President in 2016, which is like sad, since I don’t think he is even remotely aware he has a zero chance of going anywhere with … Continue reading

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