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Only in [Culturally Diverse] New York City

My friend Mariana sent me this picture that shows, once again, that despite the efforts of past Mayors to turn this city into the new Disney World, there is still some hope that diversity will live on. Foto: Mariana Carreño … Continue reading

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This Ain’t Your Typical Abuelita Breakfast

This week McDonald’s triumphantly announced the launch of a half-pound, culturally-relevant burrito: the McSkillet, which the media is tauting as as the McLatinization of the breakfast menu, mainly due to its “Mexican influence.” I beg to differ. I am as … Continue reading

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Oh No! Gringos Use Our Lotería to Teach us English

Some woman called Deborah Frisch has come up with an English language method weirdly named ¡Binglés! La lotería para aprender inglés. And it’s no joke. According to a company’s press release, this “revolutionary and cost-effective method” uses our beloved juego … Continue reading

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Why I Love Mexico (Part III)

My people (i.e. Mexicans) not only know which movies to watch, but how to watch them, where to watch them and -most importantly- how to spell their titles. Other wonderful examples of why I love Mexico can be found here … Continue reading

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Why did They Shut Up?

I’d like to thank my friend Diego for sending this bizarre, yet fascinating, story about my home country. It turns out that the indigenous zoque language (one of 350 native languages spoken in Mexico) is about to disappear simply because … Continue reading

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Viagra Ice-Cream, Anyone?

You can say -and think- whatever you want about Venezuela and its president, but one thing is undeniable: Venezuelans are truly creative people. Take Coromoto, an ice-cream vendor in the province of Merida, which is pitching a ‘Viagra’ ice-cream for … Continue reading

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Valentina Paloma Pinault [Hayek]

Thanks to AP and Grupo Reforma for the sneak preview into probably the luckiest [Latina] girl alive. The daughter of Salma Hayek and French archi-rich Francois Henri Pinault was born Sept. 21