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See? NAFTA Was a Good Idea, After All…

We make Canadians pay $5 for a kilo of tortillas. Ha!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Immigrant America!

Yes, this cover is from 2011. And yes, it is just as relevant today. Happy Thanksgiving! or –as we say in Spanish– “Japi Sansgivin”….. Via The New Yorker

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Latinas Now Can Shampoo Their Way to the Red Carpet

Or something like that… Hat tip: @SaraChicaD

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Jackie Kennedy Spoke Spanish Way Before the Latino Market Was ‘Hot’

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J.C. Penney Wants you to Have a Very Happy ‘Tamalegiving’

In the latest installment of the “How to Turn your Gringo Holiday into a Relevant Latino Holiday,” series, I give you Tamalegiving, a simple -yet delicious- way to turn Thanksgiving Day into Tamalegiving Day instead. Watch a very cute, acculturated … Continue reading

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Looking to Reverse Soup Slump, Campbell’s Turns to Hispanics

If you thought Fiesta Nacho Cheese, Kick-It-Up a Nacho or Mexican-style chicken tortilla  soups were enough to satisfy the demanding palate of my people (i.e. Hispanics,) think again. The venerable Campbell Soup Company, hoping to reverse a “soup slump,” is … Continue reading

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Bieber Goes to Mexico. Bieber Tweets. Peña Nieto is in Trouble

Justin Bieber is in Mexico and he took to Twitter Monday night to tell his 50 million plus followers about having just met Enrique Peña Nieto and family. just met some amazing mexican beliebers and the presidente of mexico and … Continue reading

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Tango Dancers in New York City Also Run the Risk of Choking

Next time you choke on your empanada con chimichurri, just remember there are people in this world who do it gracefully. Photo: Laura Martínez, at Malbec Tango House

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Mexican Restaurant Offers Free Margarita -or Coffee- at Lunch [Because those are Two Obvious Choices]

Photo: Chloe Freund

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How do you say “Western BBQ” in Spanish?

Why bother thinking of creative ways to call a sandwich when you can just go with a straightforward, good ol’ translation? Now… about translating Grilled Sliders into Spanish… that’s another story.

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‘Rolling Stone’ Jumps on the Hot Latino Bandwagon with ‘Latin Hot List’ Featuring Latin Hot People

Gracing the cover* of the Nov. 8 issue of Rolling Stone‘s The Latin Hot List 2013 is Naya Rivera, which according to Rolling Stone’s non-hot, non-Latin editors is “the hottest cheerleader” on television, Naya Rivera. Since I have not bought … Continue reading

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This Argentinian ‘Chef’ Will Teach you How NOT to Make Tacos

Argentinian “chef” Maru Botana this week came under fire by my people (i.e. The Mexicans) after she attempted to do something Argentinians should never, ever, do: prepare Mexican food. “Botana,” which is Spanish for “snack” and thus very likely not … Continue reading

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I’m Sure Cynthia Duque Will do a Fine Job Representing my People at the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant

I’m proud to introduce you guys to Cynthia Duque Garza, the Monterrey native beauty who will represent my people (i.e. the Mexicans) at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant in Moscow. As we all know, beauty queens are not particularly … Continue reading

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When Suspect Wears Hoodie, He can be White -or Hispanic

I just love it when the media try to give us as much information possible about criminal activity. Take the case of this suspected bank robber, who threatened employees and did away with cash at a local Chase bank in … Continue reading

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Mexican “Fusion” Stuff in NYC Now Getting Ridiculous

First came the “tortaria,” and now, this: A fusion between a taquería and a trattoria. Pinches bambinos! Hat tip: @tropicarlitos

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