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Messi Stars in New Bimbo Commercial, Features Clueless Mom

Hold your jokes about the whole ‘Bimbo’ name thing. The Mexican food giant has tapped fútbol cutie Lionel Messi to pitch its allegedly super enriched white bread. I love Messi, but the clueless soccer mom is awesome, too.

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So, Here is what Happened Friday in NYC [en Español] ‘Tiroteos Kill 2 y Terminó 8’

Call me crazy, but I think newspapers that use Google Translate to provide Hispanics with fresh, up-to-the-minute information are totally awesome. Otherwise, where would this blogger get her kicks? Take the Hartford Courant, which in an effort to appeal to the budding Latino … Continue reading

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O.C. High-School Asked to Drop ‘Señores & Señoritas’ Event

Oh, Man! Why do media outlets have to come and ruin the fun for everybody? Take this Anaheim Hills High-School in Orange County, whose students have been asked to drop a “Mexican-themed Day,” and exchange it for some “sensitivity training … Continue reading

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Pronto Insurance Gets this Blogger Out of her Pepsi Blues

… There is Hispanic marketing nonsense and then there is Pronto Insurance. Yes, my friends, the company that brought you the Faster than a Flying Chancla tagline, is now back at it with its More Flexible than a Flour Tortilla line. … Continue reading

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Hispanic Marketing Reaches New Low With the Pepsi-Branded Mariachi

I did not attend this year’s Hispanic Retail 360 conference, nor am I claiming ownership of this photo. A loyal follower of this blog sent it to me thinking I would have a good chuckle. I didn’t really laugh, though … Continue reading

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Grab a Tampon. Say Cheese. Win an iPad… Wait… What??!!

¡¡¡IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! I have submitted my pic posing next to my favorite tampon to #Saba México, but I haven’t heard back. Yet. Below my original post…. If you were a marketer pitching feminine pads and tampons and wanted users to … Continue reading


Comedy Central’s Idea of ‘Funny’ is a Bunch of Mexicans Competing in a Siesta Contest

You guys know I’m all up for funny & irreverence. But there are things that -when done badly- are just not really that funny. Take this commercial via Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo, Brazil, which actually made it to the … Continue reading

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