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‘Shalom’ Will not Sell Tortillas on Christmas Day

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Mexico City: December 21, 2012

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¡Chingao! The Chinese Steal Our Most Precious Curse Word

Todo se copian… ¡chingao!

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Here’s a Property I Won’t be Allowed in. For Sure.

The owners of this private condo in Ixtapa, Mexico surely don’t want people like me hanging around their property. Oh, well. Hat tip: Bego Lozano

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Latino Kids are so Acculturated, they are Now Obese

Well, it was just a matter of time. As America becomes more and more Latino, Latinos are becoming more and more… overweight. An article in The Daily News the subject -bearing the seemingly playful headline of ‘Saying adiós to chips … Continue reading

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Chinese Press Coins Awesome Spanish Translation for ‘Joint’

Speaking of Cannabis and Cannabis-infused tortilla chips, the folks over at People’s Daily are doing a hell of a job updating their Spanish-language page, which is awesome because they have come up with the most hilarious -and accurate- Spanish translation for “joint.” ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading

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Here’s your Guacamole Kit to go with your Pot-Infused Tortilla Chips

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The Perfect Snack for the Latino Pothead in You

The gringos have done it, my friends… Introducing, the Cannabis-infused coconut oil tortilla chips from Cocco-Cana, on full display at the medibles case at a Seattle medicinal-cannabis collective. Oh did I mention they also make Taco-spiced tortilla chips? I am … Continue reading

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Ladies & Gentlemen: The First Lady of Los Pinos

You can say anything you want about Enrique Peña Nieto, but the guy is not only bien guapote, but he managed to get himself a telenovela babe to arrive with a real splash. Meet Angélica Rivera (aka La Gaviota) and … Continue reading

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