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At Last! A Barbie Doll I Can Relate to

After decades months of despair for not being able to see myself in those slim, cute Barbie dolls, I found one that actually looks like this blogger after indulging in too many “typically-Latino” breakfasts. The print ad is actually part … Continue reading

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Mexico Is so Awkward That Rich Kids Play Tennis on Top of a Mariachi

Lucas, the makers of some of my favorite Mexican treats, have tapped a pair of Mariachi-riding tennis players to pitch the awkwardness of Skwinkles, a sweet and sour candy that would probably ruin your liver -and teeth… whether you are … Continue reading

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While These Dolls Vacation in Mexico, This Blogger is Off to an Undisclosed Location

I yet have to find a T-shirt that spells out where this blogger likes to go on vacation. In the meantime, I leave you with these other Latinas, who despite swine flu and The Huffington Post, still like to have … Continue reading

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Forget Corn Flakes. Cargill Knows What We Really Want for Breakfast

Only a few days ago, we learned that Hispanics were nuts for a touch of honey in our food, but now, Cargill has come forward to give the marketing world a lesson on what our real Latino palates are all … Continue reading

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Chávez Urges Venezuelans to Use Their ‘Vergatarios’ (And it’s NOT What you Think)

You might not know this (why would you?) but the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela prides itself -among many other things- on having manufactured one of the world’s cheapest cellular telephones, specifically designed to be available to the masses in a … Continue reading

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