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OMG! My Local Bodega Sells Conasupo-Branded Tortillas

I cannot help but think Raúl Salinas de Gortari is behind this –somehow. Scary. But, heck, at least they’re gluten-free. Photo: Laura Martínez, Harlem 2014

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Disney’s ‘Mexican’ Doll is Indian, Sings ‘It’s a Small World’

I have not had the pleasure yet, but according to Mexico’s Milenio newspaper, this Mexican doll is now on sale at Disney’s ‘Fantasyland.’ She is 16-inch tall, and apparently sings It’s a Small World in “Mexican”… or something like that.

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SPAM Wants you to Give Taco Night a Kick in the Maracas

There is nothing more satisfying than lying down on your sofa with People en español a good piece of literature and come face to face with the improbable: A two-page commercial for SPAM jalapeño, featuring an enlarged photo of what SPAM … Continue reading

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Sofía Vergara Launches ‘Ethnic’ Fragrance, Because One Can Never Have Enough Money

It has been a while since I bug you guys with Latino celebrities and their Latino fragrances, so bear with me. A bit late, but not to be outdone by the likes of Paulina Rubio, Shakira, Antonio Banderas and even José … Continue reading

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Taco Bell Sucks, I mean, Taco Bell Socks… Huh?

Taco Bell, the U.S. fast food chain whose commercials are way better than its food, has found a way to outdone itself by planning an entry into the apparel business. Yes, my friends. For reasons I yet have to comprehend … Continue reading

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This Ad for Little Caesars Pizza is Sure to Piss Off More than One Ethnic Group

Only God knows how many ethnic groups and/or musicians are going to feel offended by this TV commercial for Little Caesar’s Deep Dish Combo. Personally, I’m more offended by bad food and sugary sodas. But, heck, these guys make me … Continue reading

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¡No Chinguen! Pizza Patrón and the Double Standard of U.S. Hispanic Media

Earlier today, a couple of friends forwarded me a press release put out by Dallas-based Pizza Patrón pizza chain and urged me to do -or rather, write- something about it. The headline was attractive enough for me to pay attention: … Continue reading

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