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Obama Arrives Late at Meeting With Latinos

President Obama on Wednesday made history by answering questions from U.S. Latinos during a live Webcast from The White House (or as he likes to call it these days, La Casa Blanca.) And because the meeting was with Latinos, he … Continue reading

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Mexico Beats Its Own Taco Record; Lacks Funds to Register Such Feat

So you guys thought I was joking when I said we (the Mexicans) know how to make the world’s largest and spiciest tacos, ever! Not only New Mexico couldn’t beat regular Mexico with their huge navajo taco the other day, but … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Mexicans Take Over New York City

In yet another sign that Mexicans are indeed taking over the Big Apple, a trajinera has been spotted in and around Flushing Meadows Corona Park. See? We, mexicans, don’t only want our carnitas here, we also want to move around … Continue reading

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Miss Venezuela 2011 Contestants Want to be Hashtagged, Retweeted

Didn’t watch this year’s Miss Venezuela contest? Shame on you. But just because I’m so very buena onda, here’s the highlight of what you missed. Hat tip to @LParavano, whom I know for a fact loves to be hashtagged, and retweeted … Continue reading

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Hispanic marketing according to Jencarlos Canela

There is nothing more refreshing than spending some time with a 23-year-old U.S.-born Latino and hear his take on Hispanic media and marketing… Oh, and if such a 23-year-old is terribly good looking, well, all the better. On Tuesday, I … Continue reading

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Southwest Crew Will Sing ‘Cielito Lindo’ to Show Respect, Appreciation for U.S. Hispanics

You gotta give it to corporate marketers for their continuing efforts to lure Hispanics to whatever it is they sell. Take Southwest Airlines which is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month by inviting everyone to come together on September 16th and sing … Continue reading

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New Mexico Unable to Beat ‘Regular Mexico’ in Cooking World’s Largest Taco

This blogger has absolutely no idea what a “navajo taco” is but residents of Gallup, N.M. got a taste of it this past weekend, when the city attempted to enter the World Records of Guiness by cooking a colossal one. … Continue reading

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9.11.11: The Day the World Met the Jorge Ramos of the General Market

I had always heard about this guy who, for some reason, Hispanic media kept calling the Jorge Ramos of the general market. Today, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I finally understood why. And you thought this date had any other … Continue reading

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Pure Mexican Awesomeness: How to Make a Trumpet Out of a Coke Bottle

Who said everything in Juárez is about drugs & violence? Arriba, Juarez… ¡Chihuahua! Hat tip: LeChancle

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