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Test Your Hispanic Marketing Skills: Which Brand of Soft Drink Sponsors Univision’s New Reality Show?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or simply don’t care about U.S. Hispanics attempting to do their own version of American Idol) you should know that Univision last night premiered Viva el Sueño, a new talent competition that “seeks … Continue reading

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Selena Gomez Wants you to Eat More White Bread

Because nothing goes hand in hand better than potentially-anorexic celebrities and white bread, Disney’s teen star Selena Gomez has been tapped to appear on 30 million packages of Sara Lee bread printed with Selena Gomez’s face. This, of course, comes … Continue reading

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How Can We Ever Forget this Guy?

Que en paz descanse…

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‘Texarican’ Rapper, a Bunch of Wrestlers and Some Girl Star in Thrifty Car Commercial

Used car salesmen might have the worst reputation out there, but you cannot deny the guys behind this Thrifty Car Sales commercial also have a very weird cool ideas as to how to pitch stuff. For starters, they tapped El … Continue reading

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Forget Miss Universe…. We Have Not One, But Two Winners of the “Miss Colita” Contest

Our favorite nonagenarian TV host, Don Francisco, once again managed to shake the entertainment world, with the election of two lucky winners at this year’s Miss Colita contest. (And I bet these are a little smarter than your regular beauty … Continue reading

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‘Beso’, Home of the $34 Tortilla Española, Will Expand. And I Still Won’t be able to Afford it

My favorite retro-acculturated Latina, Eva Longoria, is so hyped about the success of her Hollywood eatery Beso, that she’s going to expand it soon, with Beso Vegas expected to open on New Year’s Eve 2010. But wait! My very well-informed … Continue reading

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Texan Educators Want Your Children to Learn all about ‘Brown’ People

And speaking of brown, uninsured people, Texan educators are said to be working on a new curriculum for social studies that is intended “to shape the future history and geography books” by featuring more and more “Hispanic figures.” Under the … Continue reading

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Green With Envy, I Decided to Design my Own Latina-Themed T-Shirts

I guess I am late to the proud-Latina-party, because apparently even the New York Times caught the fever of the “I am a Wise Latina Too T-shirt” movement. But, as they say, it is better late than never. So I’ve … Continue reading

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Wear These Kicks. Unleash the Charro Inside You

And just when I thought Latino celebrities were all hung up into lotions and perfums, Pepe Aguilar is coming forward to show us there is yet one more thing Hispanic famous people can do to boost their wallets appeal among … Continue reading

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Time to Help Hispanic Seniors Navigate Medicare

Ah… the wonders of marketing! In an effort to promote a free seminar on Medicare to Hispanics seniors, the ever-creative minds of United HealthCare are combining a series of educational talks with a session of Zumba, the Latin-infused fitness program … Continue reading

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Come Sing With ‘Los Tigres’… at 33,000 Feet

Volaris, the Mexican low-cost airline that lets you fly from Toluca to Oakland for only $148 round-trip, is now offering norteño music fans the chance to see Los Tigres del Norte perform at 33,000 feet above the ground. Yeah, that’s … Continue reading

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And Just When You Thought the Whole ‘Ugly Betty’ Marketing Thing was Over…

I thought I had seen everything (from the unimaginable to the ridiculous) surrounding the Ugly Betty marketing phenomenon… until the English came up with a special-edition Diet Coke Ugly Bottle promotion that is sweeping London and turning young Brit teens … Continue reading

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Tough Job Ahead for Mexican Cops

Speaking of spending taxes wisely, the Mexican police force wants our cops to look less like the guy on the left and more like the stud on the right. So, it is embarking on an ambitious plan to tackle the … Continue reading

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Brüno’s ‘Brutality’ Against Mexicans Already Annoying Some non-Mexicans

As if there was nothing better to worry about us, “poor Mexicans” (i.e. economic collapse, rampant violence, daily kidnappings, swine flu, etc. etc.) the latest controversy regarding my people has to do with the upcoming Mexican release of Brüno, the … Continue reading

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