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Here Is the Oscar-Winning Iñárritu Piñata: The Piñárritu

 Currently on sale at Piñatería Ramírez.

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‘Rich, Arrogant, Ignorant People Should not be Presidents,’ Says Rich, Arrogant, Ignorant former President

You know the world has gone to hell when you have people like Vicente Fox criticizing Donald Trump for being an “ignorant, rich, pompous man,” who shouldn’t be president because that would be just crazy. As my abuela used to say: El burro hablando de … Continue reading

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Pillsbury Wants you to Believe this ‘thing’ is a Taco. It’s not

As if Taco Bell’s efforts to sell you “make-believe” Mexican food weren’t enough, Pillsbury is now peddling the Chicken Taco Grande Ring, yet another American-made concoction that will make sure your children will grow up with a twisted idea of what my people (i.e. The Mexicans) really eat. According to … Continue reading

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Grupo Televisa Launches Netflix-Like Service in Mexico; Hilarity Ensues

Mexican media giant — and Univision partner in [programming] crime — this week announced the launch of, an OTT service á la Netflix. Per the official announcement, the service is expected to cost $6.05 per month (which is roughly many, many, many pesos) … Continue reading

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Bud Light Banner Ad in Spanish Features Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen and Bad Grammar

Dear people of Budweiser: While I appreciate your efforts to peddle bad, watery beer to my people (i.e. The Hispanics,) your advertising agency would be well-advised to plunk down a few pesitos to hire ME some Spanish-speaking person to at least — AT LEAST — proofread your stuff.* Perhaps the folks that … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell is Paved With Sexy Women

I took this picture in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, a city famous for its beautiful streets and colonial buildings and its very, very conservative citizens. For those of you, non-Spanish speakers but loyal followers of my blog, a lose translation: We will … Continue reading

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Meanwhile at the Clinton Campaign…

#Hispandering2016 Via: Hillary Clinton on Instagram

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Bernie Sanders en Español: Progresivo [sic], Honesto… and the Spanish Subjunctive is a Bitch

Bernie Sanders this week launched a new campaign ad in which we hear the Senator speak some Spanish at the end. While saying “Soy Bernie Sanders y apruebo este mensaje” is not a very difficult thing to say and have him practice, Bernie’s Hispanic … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Makes Good on Her Promise to Be our Abuela

Making good on her promise to be the savior of my people and assume the role of our abuelas, Grandma Clinton has released Brave, a new 60-second spot in which we see her reassuring a young girl who says her parents are going to be … Continue reading

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Have fun. Have sex. Beware of HIV — and faulty marketing in Spanish

It’s always great to see New York City spend money in communicating useful stuff to Spanish-speaking New Yorkers (there are tons of us, you know?) but it should be well advised to work a little more on their Spanish-language marketing copy. Take the print ad above (seen … Continue reading

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Latinos in the USA: Ruining Multimillion-Dollar Marketing Efforts one Brand at a Time

Photo: Laura Martínez (Harlem)

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mi Blog es tu Blog

Because this is the only heart-shaped thing I could possibly care about.

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Sombreros Galore During Pope’s Mexico Visit, because ¡Ajúa!

Next time you go all funny thinking my people feel offended about sombreros and such, remember there’s nothing we love more than putting mariachi hats on everybody. And by everybody, I mean everybody. El #PapaEnMex acepta ponerse el sombrero de un mariachi … Continue reading

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Mexican Entrepreneurship Knows no Limits: Original Chapo Escape T-Shirt Edition

On the heels of El Chapo’s auto repair shop comes El Chapo’s original T-shirt, now on sale for only $3,000 pesitos (or maybe they meant dollars?) Source: El Internet

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Pope Francis Gets Convenient Gift Before 12-Hour Flight

Right before taking a plane that will take him to Cuba, then Mexico, Pope Francis received a bunch of gifts from several Latin American journalists who are making the trip with him. Among my favorites: A gigantic sombrero featuring what looks to be the … Continue reading

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