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Your message here: ¡a huevo!

In these days of alternative marketing, you see ads pretty much everywhere, but … in an egg? A marketing company in my native Mexico, Güevomedia, is offering clients a real exposure by putting their message in “millions and millions” of … Continue reading

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Univision makes Madison Avenue laugh (real hard)

It’s not very often that I find Univision content particularly entertaining or interesting. But a showcase of bilingual Latino stand up comedians this week was a pleasant, refreshing surprise coming from a network that is not particularly known for innovating. … Continue reading

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And just when you thought TV was boring…

Unlike his Iranian counterpart, Bolivian President Evo Morales managed to not embarrass himself during his recent New York visit. In fact, and despite the language barriers, he got the last laugh during last night’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. … Continue reading

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Wanna taste of ‘Cane’? Lick this ad

The bloggosphere has been flooded with views and news about CBS’ upcoming drama Cane, which debuts this Tuesday and tells the story of a Cuban-American family that runs a rum and sugar business in South Florida. Think the Sopranos meets … Continue reading

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Campaign lessons from South of the Border

Instead of courting Hispanic voters with unintelligible debates in Spanish (but in English), Presidential hopefuls should learn something from how campaigning is done South of the Border (yeah, we still have a few people down there). Jorge Ruiz Romero, a … Continue reading

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Latinas to ‘proudly’ represent their heritage

Wanna see Latinas shine and proudly represent their culture and heritage? Don’t miss the upcoming Miss Caliente, a pageant show designed to “place the strength of Latino women in the spotlight” and now accepting sponsorship opportunities. I first thought it … Continue reading

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What are they waiting for?

If the owners of Beaner’s Coffee took 12 years to “realize” the other meaning of the word beaner, I wonder how long it’ll take for these babies to say adiós to their long-standing household name. (Thanks HighJive for the tip) … Continue reading

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Patriotic pride or product placement?

In these days of blatant product placement, the line between content and advertising is more blurry than ever, but it is still easy to tell the difference between one and the other… until now. A recent addition to the logo … Continue reading

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Who wants to be an illegal alien?

Tired of your typical board game? You might want to try The Illegal Game, an “educational game” that depicts the lives of illegal aliens in New York City. According to an online retailer The Illegal Game begins as players arrive … Continue reading

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Forget Kidman! ‘Vanity Fair’ highlights Slimlandia

Who says Latinos cannot make it in this country? I just received my October copy of Vanity Fair and was happily surprised by the inclusion (for the first time, mind you) of paisano Carlos Slim in the magazine’s annual power … Continue reading

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Latinos brace for a month of piñatas and plantains

I love September! and not because it is one of the most beautiful months weather-wise in New York City, but because it marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, giving way to a wealth of Hispanic-targeted marketing initiatives and thus … Continue reading

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A historic Spanish-language forum… in English

I don’t know you, but I did tune in Univision at 7:00 pm sharp Sunday night for the first presidential debate on Spanish-language television, pitched by the network as the first ever “custom-made” debate for U.S. Hispanics… Those were some … Continue reading

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Univision to Richardson: Spanish not spoken here

I remember a time when Univision would ban even the smallest word in English language in favor of a Spanish-only policy. But now, as the network prepares to host this Sunday’s first-of-a-kind debate among Democratic presidential candidates, it has asked … Continue reading

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Hispanic marketing 101: How to order a tequila

Want to become a top sales executive for the nation’s largest Spanish-language TV network but don’t speak Spanish? Worry no more: Univision’s CEO, Joe Uva, has some advice for you. In an interview yesterday with Advertising Age’s Andrew Hampp, about … Continue reading

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How I went from ‘this’ to Forbes billionaires list

Ever wonder how the world’s richest man made his first million? Why his father fled Lebanon and settled in Mexico? What he looked like at age 6? Well, you can get these -and many more- fun facts on Carlos Slim’s … Continue reading