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Florida bloggers to Spain: Zapatero a tus zapatos

It turns out there is a “confederation of blogs” called Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty, and it also turns it has a lot of money … and does not like Spain. At least that is what comes to light from … Continue reading

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Barbie goes Rebelde

And speaking of dull beauty … the girls from Rebelde yesterday announced the launch of their Barbie-like dolls. Thanks to Mattel Inc. and Grupo Televisa, the “teens” featured in Rebelde and RBD (the novela and music ensamble) will now be … Continue reading

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My favorite Miss Universe moments

Although four Latin Americans made it to the top 10 at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant (Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Mexico), the crown finally went to Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, a 20-year-old dancer. Fortunately for them (not for this … Continue reading

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¡The retirees are coming!

Tired of the immigration debate? Patience, my friends. Very soon, many of those complaining about Mexicans taking over the U.S. will end up altogether moving out … to Mexico! According to recent estimates by Mexico’s private sector, in less than … Continue reading

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Latinos like it cold

Marketers are a funny bunch. In their relentless quest for pushing their brands among consumers, they commission studies, embrace research and conduct opinion polls seeking to find the “ultimate” consumer insight. And nowhere is this more evident –and ridiculous– than … Continue reading

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Why you should never trust a Mexican

Mexicans tell an average of four lies each day. That is, in a nutshell, the conclusion of the most recent public opinion poll by Consulta Mitofsky, one of Mexico’s most prominent poll and research companies. The study, aptly named “La … Continue reading

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Mexican reading beauty

Ok, my fellow Mexicans might not be 100% happy with the terms of the recently approved immigration bill (or with their overall labor situation in this country for that matter) but they should find some consolation in the fact that … Continue reading

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