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Lost a Loved One? Worry Not; America Has you Covered

Lost your abuelita to old age? Did your tío just get deported? Worry not. There’s a greeting card for that! *Everything is cool, but it wouldn’t hurt to put that accent over the “o.”

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Japanese Ramen Chain Wants you to Think this is a Taco

Move over, Sushiro’s sushi tacos, here comes the Gyoza Taco Dog, the latest Japanese taco-themed delicacy courtesy of Korakuen, one of Japan’s largest ramen chains. Korakuen is mainly known for its “fun” take on ramen, launching stuff like Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

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Need a Quicky, but Fear Contracting COVID? This Mexico City Motel Has your Back

In need for a quicky but fear contracting COVID-19? Worry not! The owners of this fine Mexico City establishment have properly sanitized their rooms so that you can ejaculate with full confidence. Filing under Mexican Entrepreneurship Hat tip: Alessandro Vedinni … Continue reading

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Feeling Lonely in this Pandemic Super Bowl Sunday? Get Yourself some Insta-Mexicans!

Are you still in lockdown, on a tight budget for fancy avocados and still haven’t made any “ethnic-looking” friends? Worry not! You can now buy 5-feet-tall Mexican “scene setters,” ready to assemble and give your Super Bowl party a unique fiesta … Continue reading

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