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Romney is NOT Mexican, But He Wouldn’t Mind Univision Spreading the Word Out

As everybody knows by now, Univision’s Jorge Ramos this week sat down with both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to discuss some issues relevant to the Latino voter, for example, when and how are they going to bomb Cuba and … Continue reading

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New Latino Dating Site Wants to Hook You Up With a ‘Sexy Culo Latino’

It had been a while since anybody pitched this blogger such a juicy, sexy -and sexual- new venture, so I was ecstatic to hear LatinDating is up and running. I have no idea who Jim, Laura, Helen and Maria are, but given the carefully-crafted copy … Continue reading

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Hilarious! Gingrich Compares Immigrants to Packages

The man who wants to be president of the United States, and thinks Spanish is the language spoken in the ghetto, thinks it is really funny to compare “illegal” immigrants with sitting packages. I’m not laughing… are you?

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AhorroCel Prices are so Low, You’ll Be as Surprised as Finding Out Your Son is ‘Maricón’

Mexican cell phone distributor AhorroCel wants you to know their low prices are so AWESOME that you’ll be as surprised as finding out your son is a maricón… I’m warning you, people, if you -or someone you know- has ever come … Continue reading

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Mercedes’ Chief Thought Using ‘El Ché’ to Peddle Luxury Cars Was an Awesome Idea

Yeah, this was the image that gave Mr. Dieter Zetsche a big P.R. headache and forced him to apologize to the Cuban exile in Miami. Turns out the head of Daimler’s Mercedes unit, didn’t stop to think that using the image … Continue reading

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¡Salucita! Mitt Romney Will Make Your Latino Family Sip Wine at Lunch

It’s not just because he’s a fellow Mexican, but I’m starting to see some positive stuff in the whole Mitt Romney-thing… For example, it looks like under his rule, our Latino almuerzos will be wine-infused, which is, like, oh-so-maravilloso! You don’t believe … Continue reading

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Parisian Style Subway Entrance and Tacos al Pastor. What Else Can I Ask For?

Greetings, followers, from Mexico City, home of the 10-peso taco al pastor and a mayor who wishes he ruled Paris. NOTE: I am sorry for having abandoned this blog for such a long time, but I never realized how much … Continue reading

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