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Crafty Mexicans Make Trump Supporters Pay for their Booze

Move over, Tecate Beer Wall, there’s a much better idea out there to mock Donald Trump while peddling Mexican beer. The guys of Cerveza Cucapá, a brand of artisanal beer hailing from Northern Mexico have come up with an awesome idea to have … Continue reading


Tecate Capitalizes on Trump’s Stupid Idea with Stupider Idea

Making fun of Mr. Trump’s idiotic idea for a U.S.-Mexico border wall has become a national sport –and the subject of some questionable marketing tactics. The latest example is this ad for Tecate Light, which aired Monday night during the first presidential … Continue reading

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Vicente Fernández Wants you to Vote for Hillary, Because this Election Has Everything

For the monolingual crowd… What Chente is actually saying here is that he’s Latino to the core and very proud of it. So… “I remind you, my brother, we must go hand in hand until Hillary Clinton has secured the vote.” And … Continue reading

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Amazon Is Under the Impression there is a ‘Hispanic Flag’

I don’t want to rain on your Hispanic Heritage Month parade, but I felt this urge to let you know there is a Hispanic-Flag-themed thing going on on the Internet. I will NOT name the culprit (OK, it’s but there are these … Continue reading

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Finds Yet Another Way to Embarrass Himself on the Web

Vicente Fox pegándole a una piñata de Donald Trump en Estados Unidos es otro ladrillo en ese muro fronterizo. — the worst guy (@eleseguey) 13 de septiembre de 2016 What’s worse than a bigoted, ridicule guy running for president? … Continue reading

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Netflix Now Peddling Series about Columbia, not Colombia

The above tweet was posted earlier today by the company that produces a series about narcos in Colombia, not Columbia. Qué berracos!

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Trump Went to Mexico. It Was Painful, but Hilarity Prevailed

Mexicans, how can anybody not like us? On the day Republican candidate Donald Trump (aka El Trumpo) accepted an (inexplicable) invitation by moronic Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to publicly embarrass him (this time at his own home in Los Pinos), this blogger’s timeline was filled … Continue reading

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