Crafty Mexicans Make Trump Supporters Pay for their Booze


Move over, Tecate Beer Wall, there’s a much better idea out there to mock Donald Trump while peddling Mexican beer.

The guys of Cerveza Cucapá, a brand of artisanal beer hailing from Northern Mexico have come up with an awesome idea to have “El Trompo” pay for their booze. They travelled to Los Angeles, California to sell I Support Donald t-shirts to Trump supporters, but…

… unbeknownst to them, said t-shirts quickly react to heat, adding a clown nose to Trump’s face, and turning the I Support Donald legend into “Donald el que lo lea” (something like: Idiot (i.e. Donald) who reads this.)

Here’s a video that explains this better than I do.

Via: CNET en Español

Tecate Capitalizes on Trump’s Stupid Idea with Stupider Idea

At least we know who will pay for 'The Wall'
At least we know who will pay for ‘The Wall’

Making fun of Mr. Trump’s idiotic idea for a U.S.-Mexico border wall has become a national sport –and the subject of some questionable marketing tactics.

The latest example is this ad for Tecate Light, which aired Monday night during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald [the crazy] Trump. In a nutshell, Tecate proposes building its own wall — but it’s not yuuuge, but small enough to rest a beer on for a neighborly chat between gringos and Mexicans.

The tagline: This wall is going to be small but it’s going to be huge. Watch and decide for yourself: Which is the worst idea: Trump’s or Tecate’s?

Amazon Is Under the Impression there is a ‘Hispanic Flag’

hispanicrootsI don’t want to rain on your Hispanic Heritage Month parade, but I felt this urge to let you know there is a Hispanic-Flag-themed thing going on on the Internet.

I will NOT name the culprit (OK, it’s but there are these T Shirts currently on sale promising to mix your “Americanness” with a flag of your choice, including of course the Hispanic Flag. Because, Why-The-Hell-Not?

The only good news is that these beauties (most likely Made in China or Made in El Salvador) are only $19.99, and RETURNS ARE FREE.

See for yourself…



Trump Went to Mexico. It Was Painful, but Hilarity Prevailed


Mexicans, how can anybody not like us?

On the day Republican candidate Donald Trump (aka El Trumpo) accepted an (inexplicable) invitation by moronic Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to publicly embarrass him (this time at his own home in Los Pinos), this blogger’s timeline was filled with something that will forever make me love my country: That unique sense of humor that always manages to shine when the going gets tough.

Here are only a few memes of the now infamous Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016.

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