Apple Picks Mexico City to Showcase AirPods, Because CDMX is ‘Muy Cool’


Apple has launched its first commercial for its not-yet-widely-available wireless earbuds (aka AirPods.) And what better way to show how cool something is than by having a freestyle dancer roaming my birth city while listening to music?

There are several things that give it away, but it’s mostly the signs — and overall beautiful decadence of La Capirucha.

Via: YouTube/Apple

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Donald Trump’s Private Jet Was Previously Owned by Mexicans, Because Karma and #LOL


I refused to believe this at first, but after much Google searching investigative reporting, I was able to find a somewhat reliable source confirming the fact that President Elect Donald Trump’s private jet used to belong to TAESA, a Mexican airline I’d rather forget it ever existed.

I’m not the kind of reporter that will spend hours into the shenanigans of private jet ownership issues and stuff (I’d leave that to the experts i.e. Kent German) but I just thought it was simply awesome that His Orange Majesty, King of Palm Beach and Lord of the Big Walls surfs the skies on a mamotreto once operated by TAESA.

Big, big LOL…

Via: and Mirror Online

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Mexican Singers, Russian Hackers, Same Difference, Says Texas Congressman Mike Conaway


In the latest episode of the political joke we’re now living, Rep. Mike Conaway from Texas just told The Dallas Morning News (apparently with a straight face) that the Democrats using Mexican singers, charros, mariachis and soap operas to lure Hispanics to the Hillary Clinton campaign is pretty much the same thing as the Russian hacking scandal.

Per Conaway himself:

“Harry Reid and the Democrats brought in Mexican soap opera stars, singers and entertainers who had immense influence in those communities into Las Vegas, to entertain, get out the vote and so forth.”

And this, says Conaway, should be considered “foreign influence […] If we’re worried about foreign influence, let’s have the whole story.”

Really? Last I checked, many of those colorful people seen singing on stage or hosting taco-filled fiestas for Hillary were actually U.S.-born or U.S. citizens (Los Tigres del Norte, Julieta Venegas, Vicente Fernández, etc.) but anyway, they were not sneaking behind the Web to hack an election were they.

Come on! ¡Pinche Conagüey!

Via: Dallas Morning News

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Time to Change ‘Obámanos’ to ‘Mejor ya Vámonos’

You might not know this, but around 2011 many Latinos across the U.S. started to adopt the term Obámanos (sometimes also Obamanos, sans accent) to describe those people of Hispanic origin supporting president Barack Obama.

But as we approach the fatidic, darkest day of January 20th, those enthusiastic Obama-loving Latinos would be well advised to tweak a little their weirdly written creative slogan to make it sound more in tune with our current situation.

How about: Mejor Obámonos a Self Deport!

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Greetings from Free-HOLE-lace!


To all Followers — and Detractors — of this Venerable Blog:


Before you go all crazy on me, let me clarify one thing: I did not invent the above awesomeness — of course. I have been busy taking siestas, eating tacos and sipping tequila (I’m Mexican, remember?) to be working on such an elaborate work of art.

Thank God I have the entire World Wide Web working for me to serve you people better.

So, without further ado: ¡Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year and all that. I hope to see y’all here in 2017 and beyond*

*Hay que darle duro al Trumpo

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Mexican Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration in America’s President Elect

How's this for a new Trump apparel line?

How’s this for a new Trump apparel line?

Photo: Romina González, Isla Mujeres, 2017

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