Americans Learn of their Mexican Heritage in Hilarious Aeroméxico Campaign

Aeroméxico is offering Americans hefty discounts to go to Mexico… How hefty? Same percentage as their Mexican heritage. The problem? Not all of them are happy to know they’re part… well, Mexicans!

Via: Ogilvy.

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Einstein, Beethoven, Mona Lisa… they’re Just Like Us; they Love Tortillas!

I found this jewel in a Mexico subreddit but I haven’t been able to determine where this is. My hunch says CDMX, but I don’t know for sure.

Please Internet, do your thing and tell me where this is.


The Avocado Board Wants You to Eat Avocados for Breakfast if You Don’t Want a Heart Attack –or Something

Apparently, and for some reason, avocados are now part of a healthy… breakfast.

Despite their being a mortal threat for white people –and their hands– avocados have come a long way on this side of the Rio Grande, thanks mainly to hipsters, millennials and the like. But now, it’s almost as if it’s bad for your health not to eat these things, at least as far as the people selling them are concerned.

Citing latest research, the Avocado Board has come to the conclusion that eating avocados for breakfast has resulted in “heart health benefits for adults” and that you should be eating avocados for breakfast or will soon get a heart attack or something.

Well, as a non-millennial, non-hipster Mexican who actually grew up in Mexico eating avocados NOT for breakfast but in my tacos de carnitas and such, I do not support these findings, nor the avocraze that has gotten way out of hand. 

Via: PR Newswire

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Movie Piracy in Mexico Is so Advanced, Roma is Now Available… in Color

I’m not sure if Alfonso Cuarón will get a chuckle or a heart attack over this, but this blogger is having a blast.

Photo: El Gerson Maldición

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OK, France, Now You’re Just Being Ridiculous…

Move over, Taco Bell: French fast food chain Tacos King, is on its way to become this blogger’s worst make-believe-taco nightmare.

I came across this establishment in the heart of Downtown Lille, and while I didn’t have the heart to walk in and come face to face with the calamité, I was able to secure a photo of *these* things the French dare call “tacos.”

Mon Dieu!

voilà, ici la calamité

Photo: Laura Martínez, Lille, France.

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Greetings from Paris, Home of the Mayonnaise au Chipotle

Awwww Paris…

There is nothing like spending some quality time in the City of Lights, with its beautiful architecture, ubiquitous cafés, gorgeous boulevards… and authentic taquerías.

Behold Chiquitin, the newest addition to Rue Henry Monnier (this blog’s temporary headquarters). The 10×10 meter changarrito is the take-away petit branch of Luz Verde, just across the street, and it features all sorts of salsas, including old time favorites like roja, verde and pico de gallo, but other more inventive like mayonnaise au chipotle, césar and –wait for it– salsa matcha.

I haven’t eaten here –yet– as I’m currently busy getting reacquainted with dry pork goods (saucisson sec, rosette de Lyon, etc.) and liters of wine, but I’ll get to it at some point and will be sure to report back.

Oh, did I mention the 16-euro ceviche and the 9-euro tacos al pastor?

Mon dieu!

Photos: Laura Martínez, 22 Rue Henry Monnier, December 2018.

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Proud American Sets up GoFundMe Campaign to Finance Trump’s Wall… Because Why the Hell Not?

Holy chicharrones!

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Trump supporter Brian Kolfage has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Trump’s border wall because “President Trump’s main campaign promise was to BUILD THE WALL. And as he’s followed through on just about every promise so far, this wall project needs to be completed still.”

At press time, Mr. Kolfage’s campaign had raised nearly $5 million (YES 5 millones de dolaritos) from over 78,000 (presumably very dumb) people.

Oh, America… What has happened to you?!

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