Attention Gringos: Landon Donovan Wants you to Root for Mexico

It’s not me saying it, is this other gringo…

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Mexico 2026 Flag Spotted in Russia, Because Mexicou! 🇲🇽

Mexico hasn’t even played its first match in Russia 2018, but Mexicans are already sporting their Mexico 2026 flag, because we might never make it to the fifth match, but ¡Viva México, cabrones!

Oh, and BTW. How can anyone NOT like us?

Via: Reddit Mexico

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Mexican Lingerie Brand Wants you to Wear a Vibrating Panty During the World Cup, so you too Can Orgasm!

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

As the world preps for the biggest Latin party in the whole wide world (i.e. the World Cup) Mexican lingerie brand Vicky Form has come with an awesome idea to make us, ladies, enjoy the Cup like our HOMBRES!

But how? I’m glad you asked. I give you the world’s first ever vibrating panty, one that can be yours for only $999 pesitos and will vibrate to make you and your partner … come, I guess, during the entire tournament. Here’s the promise:

Until today women have not shared with their partners the passion with which they enjoy the soccer matches. That’s why we developed Feel the Game (Siente el Juego) the first smart panty that is synchronized with the games to transform the intensity of the plays in vibrations.

Go look for yourself. Log onto and, well, happy orgasming!

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In Preparation for Trump-Kim Summit, Singapore Vows to Make Tacos Great Again!

Singapore’s Lucha Loco will be selling specialty tacos called “El Gringo” and “El Hombre Cohete,” in honor of the two locos that will meet there on June 12.

You know Singapore has a very special place in my heart, and just as I purchased my ticket to attend a historic high-school reunion this summer, another “seemingly important” reunion is taking place next week: A summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, or as this blogger likes to call it: A meeting between two loquitos with huge egos.

Unsurprisingly, the upcoming reunion (theirs, not mine) is already shaping up to be a very loco experience.

Take Singapore’s Mexican restaurant Lucha Loco, which is promising to “make tacos great again” by selling specialty tacos called “El Gringo” and “El Hombre Cohete” (Rocket Man.) “The former has the flavors of an American cheeseburger, while the latter is packed with Korean fried chicken,” executive chef Nelson Burgos told The Associated Press.

If a Korean fried chicken taco is not your thing, the restaurant will also be offering customers the chance to smash piñatas shaped as caricatures of the two leaders, which –you know?– might be a very therapeutic idea to be honest.

Muy loco!

Via: AP


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Thalía’s New Single Is Now Available on –Where Else?– Spotify’s ‘Latino Caliente’ Playlist

Dominican Latina meets Mexican Latina for a Latino Caliente Connection!

And just when I thought Thalía had retired and/or decided to dedicate her free time tending to her kids and her fancy Manhattan life and such, she has taken over my Twitter timeline to pitch her new reggaeton single.

Titled No me acuerdo (I Don’t Remember) this “thing” is a collaboration with Dominican singer Natti Natasha and it can be found on Spotify’s Latino Caliente playlist –because where else?

Go ahead and listen if you dare. It sounds exactly like what you’d expect from a Latino Caliente thing.


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La Tigresa de Oriente’s Awesome World Cup Video is Here!

This blogger’s favorite Peruvian artist is back on the scene, this time with a video filmed in Iquitos, Peru cheering for Peru’s National Soccer team and –for the most part– thanking coach Ricardo Gareca for taking the team to a World Cup after so many years! (36 to be precise.)

Mind you, the lyrics of this thing are just as awesome as the visuals. Here’s a taste:

Peru, positive claws for all my boys

Thank you, Gareca, for taking us to the World Cup after all these years

Thank you, boys, we’re one voice

Let’s all yell together the goals of Peru, trah-lah-lah


Hat tip: @lechancle (¿quién más?)

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This Chicken Store in Mexico Has the Best Name Ever

Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?

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