America Has Concocted a ‘Latino Croissant,’ Because why the Hell Not?

WTH is this? ūü§Ē

WTH is this? ūü§Ē

America, land of the free, and home of the meatless chorizo and the Chicken Taco Grande Ring, is now giving us the “Latino croissant,” which this blogger believes it’s a croissant, but Latino… whatever *that* means.

Hat tip: @widestance

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BREAKING: John F. Kennedy to Visit Mexico Real Soon


Forget El Nacional mistaking one version of Donald Trump with another one.

Mexico’s El Sol de Hermosillo¬†today embarked in one of the world’s most beautiful¬†fuck ups in the history of print media fuck ups.

However, for the purpose of this blog, this is just, well, wonderful, so all this blogger can say is: Thank you, thank you, Mexican Twitter, I owe you one*

Via: Jorge L./Twitter

*Many, actually, but who is counting?

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Sorry, Folks, the $40 Burrito Yoga Bag Is Sold Out, but…


Fear not:¬†I’m pretty sure the folks over at Brogamats are working on it.

In the meantime, you can always use your¬†tortilla towel ¬†or — of course — a¬†Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket as an OK substitute to wrap¬†your existing yoga mat.

PLUS… Last time I checked, the $1,300 taco bag was still available, so¬†you can still enjoy¬†a tortilla-filled¬†life until¬†the burrito yoga bag is in stock again.

Hat tip: Bego√Īa Lozano

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Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day from Mi Blog es tu Blog


… Because this is the only heart-shaped thing I could possibly care about.

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Friendly Reminder: It’s 2017, People, Get your Sh*t Together!


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Trump White House Writes Columbia Instead of Colombia, Because it Was Bound to Happen


Hat tip: Verónica Calderón

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Mexicans Welcome Conan with Conan-themed Pancakes

Ok, there’s a lot more going on with Conan O’Brien’s upcoming Mexico visit, but the only truly cool thing this blogger found in an¬†otherwise long welcome video is the fact¬†that “Conando” will get his own hot-cakes made at El Castillo de los hotcakes en Coyoac√°n.


Rogelio Hern√°ndez, El Castillo de los hotcakes

Close enough…

The final product...

The final product…

Via: YouTube

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