Facebook might be in Crisis, but this Mexican Lonchería Is Thriving

Facebook, the once almighty social media, is undergoing one of the worst crises of its history, with its leadership covering up really bad stuff –and very smart people (i.e. yours truly) just quitting the thing altogether. But none of this has stopped Mexican entrepreneurs, who have found a way to capitalize on the awesome brand to peddle their wares.

From the always popular section “Mexicans: How Can Anyone Not Like Us?” I give you the Loncheria [SIC] Facebook, where you can have lunch for as little as ten pesitos. Yay!

Photo: @Hazme

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Urban Outfitters Wants you to Hang an Avocado Toast Ornament on your Christmas Tree 🙄

Avocado-loving hipsters must be stopped before it’s too late

As if the avocado frozen dessert and the avocado Halloween costume weren’t enough, the nonsensical avocado frenzy that is sweeping America off its feet is already feeling the Christmas spirit.

Take the Avocado Toast Christmas Ornament, currently on sale at Urban Outfitters for “only” $10, which makes not only a great gift –says the store– but “it looks so good, you’ll want to take a bit out it!”

I’m pretty sure this thing is Made in China and whatnot, but if I were to hang some ridiculousness on my Christmas tree, I’d rather hang the plasticky glitter bacon thing.

And now seriously: LEAVE AVOCADOS ALONE!

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Why Mexico Will Never Forget Stan Lee…

Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?

Comic book legend Stan Lee died on Monday at the age of 95, and fans, friends and colleagues took to Twitter to bid farewell to the Marvel comics creator.

But while the super famous continue to post their condolences and share memories of their time with Lee, this garnacha stall in Mexico will remain this blogger’s favorite –and most unassuming– homage to Stan the Man.

¿Cuántas de chicharron?

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HELP: Something Weird is Happening at JFK Airport

When you are so homesick that start seeing strange signals at the airport…

Photos: Laura Martínez, Nov. 2018

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Tired of ‘Regular Thanksgiving?’ Make it a Latino Thanksgiving

Photo: Saveur

Photo: Saveur

Let’s be honest: Just as any other holiday, Thanksgiving has become mostly another good reason to eat and drink in excess (at least in my case.)

But if a 3 pm “dinner” of turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce seems a little boring to you, you can always throw a “Latino Thanksgiving,” which basically means a three-day smörgåsbord of lechón, tamales, arroz, frijoles, elotetostones, tequila, poker games — and plenty of dancing and family drama.

If any of the above sounds exciting enough, you are in luck.

Here are 8 SIMPLE STEPS to turn your regular Thanksgiving into a Latino one:

  1. Turkey? Who eats turkey? Run to the closest bodega and pick the biggest lechón available. Roast and stuff an apple on its mouth while you’re at it.
  2. Cranberry sauce? We don’t even know what that is. Get a mojo going or start a guajillo marinade for said lechón
  3. Start with plenty of tamales and make sure to serve rice, beans, gandules, tostones and/or plantains on the side.
  4. Pumpkin? Who eats pumpkin? Really. Pumpkin is only good when you use its flowers to make one of these.
  5. Start serving dinner at 10 pm, because, really, who has dinner at 3 pm?
  6. Once the meal is over, and liters of alcohol have been consumed, be ready for your mothertía or abuela to start crying inconsolably over you not visiting more often, etc.
  7. No football. Who watches football? It’s not like it’s fútbol… Take out the baraja, the poker chips and open up the wallet.
  8. Turn up the music and dance like maniacs all night long. And do not worry about thy neighbor. Thy neighbor should be thankful to have a Latino family around. After all, what is Thanksgiving if not an opportunity to say gracias?

A Spanish-language version of this blog post first appeared on Univision.com

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Honda Thinks it’s a Good Idea to Set up a Day of the Dead Altar… in the trunk of your Car

No, Honda, Mexicans don’t set up Day of the Dead altars in their car.

Corporations would do almost anything to help attract the elusive, trillion-dollar, super-duper cool Hispanic market, including pitching us things that make no sense, like setting up a Day of the Dead altar … in the trunk of our car.

Here’s the thing, Honda. No matter how much you think we love the whole culture around death, we (i.e. the Mexicans) wouldn’t stuff our trunk with pan de muerto, calaveras, cempasúchil and catrinas, because that would be, well, stupid.

So now you know. You are welcome!

Hat tip: @lechancle

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Hispanic Halloween in Harlem Be Like… 

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