Mexicans Are Furious about Hat-Wearing Jalapeños from Turkey

These babies are Mexican, say Mexicans

Add jalapeños to the long list of grievances against my people (i.e. The Mexicans.)

In the latest episode of a trade war brewing between Mexico and the European Union, Mexican producers of chile peppers are asking the UE for protection of fresh jalapeño chiles –and those that undergo smoking (ie. delicious chipotles.)

The problem?

Chiles from Turkey are sold in Europe with a label showing a jalapeño pepper wearing a Mexican hat, said Jesús Murillo González, but do not state the country of origin. “They’re not saying it’s from here, but they’re riding the coattails of Mexico’s prestige.”

Hey, I’m totally cool with countries riding the coattails of Mexico’s prestige but… putting a sombrero over a jalapeño?! That’s simply unacceptable –and an insult to our 1986 beloved FIFA mascot

Via: Milenio

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Now You Can Get High on Tamales, Because California

Marijuana-infused tamales, anyone?

Marijuana-infused tamales, anyone?

Have you ever had a delicious meat-filled, spicy tamal but thought: ‘Heck, this is is missing something?’

Worry no more: Señorita Sensi, a San Diego-based maker of Mexican edibles, has you covered.

As founder Yvanne Castañeda, a legitimate marijuana medical patient, told the local press:

“I wanted to focus on my culture […] so, I came up with medicated elotes, tamales, quesadillas, agua de limón, sopas, menudo, albóndigas. [Our Mexican food] is as authentic as it gets in the nation.”

And to think I have been avoiding California for decades…

Come on, you know you want to go follow them on Instagram.senoritasensis

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This Zumba Establishment Wants you to Lose your ‘Bolas’

You want me to lose… WHAT?

From the always-creative #SpanishFail Texas signs and advertisements, comes the “Corazon [sic] Latino Dance Fitness” in Austin, where you can go dance until you lose not one, nor two, but 20 “bolas!”…

Or, did they mean “bolsas?” 🤔


Hat tip: @SaraChicaD

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Why Wear Any Sweatshirt when you Can Wear a Chapo Sweatshirt?

It might not be El Chapo’s original t-shirt, but this cozy sweatshirt will surely come in handy for the chilling temperatures hitting America these days. Oh, and if chapowear is not your thing, go with the Pablo Escobar one instead. It will go fantastic with this colorful baseball hat I found in my hood.

Photo: Laura Martínez. San Francisco, 2018.

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Mayor of Ixhuatlancillo, Veracruz, Erects Monument to Avengers –Because Mexico

The Mayor of Ixhuatlancillo is a huge fan of ‘The Avengers,’ apparently.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Turns out the Mayor of the mostly indigenous town of Ixhuatlancillo, Veracruz, has spent several thousands of pesitos to build –and erect– several statues honoring members of The Avengers and The Justice League.

It should be noted that the town doesn’t even have a movie theatre and (I’m pretty sure) there are more urgent stuff to take care of. But, who the hell cares? When it comes to surreal politics, MEXICO IS THE SHIT!

Via: Sopitas

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Speaking of Israel –and Bizarre Propositions…

Delfín Hasta el Fin, Wendy Sulca and La Tigresa de Oriente want you to go dance in Israel.

With president Donald Trump’s “bold, historic decision” to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, this blogger could not help but reminisce over that other bold, historic –and truly bizarre– move made by three of Latin America’s tackiest stars to help praise Israel as an awesome tourist destination, and not a place one should be afraid of because of the killings and all.

En tus tierras bailaré (In Your Land I Will Dance) features Andean superstars La Tigresa del Oriente, Wendy Sulca and Delfín Hasta el Fin, and while it was released in 2010, it continues to gain popularity. At the time of this writing, the video had gone way over the 4.6 million views on YouTube.

I’m not sure how these three got together to help promote tourism in Israel, but I must admit the chorus is quite catchy.

How pretty Israel is!
Israel, Israel
In your lands one day I’ll dance.

On her solo, Wendy Sulca praises Tel Aviv as a camel (yes, a camel) walks past her band while she sings: In Tel Aviv, I will love you, I will love you very much…

Yup, that’s a camel back there.

Just WATCH and behold the Andean costumes, the changing landscapes and the ebullient dancing in this, the campiest music video you’ll ever see.

For more insights to the above video, and background of these Andean artists, read Alma Guillermoprieto’s wonderful take here.

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This Parisian Restaurant Specializes in Latin American Food –Whatever that Means

Their menu must be as big as the continent itself

This only proves what I’ve been saying, like, forever: The farther you go from Latin America, the more generic our food becomes.

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris. 2017.

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