Move Over, America; the Mexican Flag Is on its Way to the Moon… No, Really

¡Y retiemble en sus centros la Luna….!

If a group of Mexican scientists have their way, we will be seeing the Mexican flag on the surface of the Moon very, very soon.

No, really.

According to a very reliable source I’ve never heard of, a group of scientists from Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) is working on deploying eight small robots that will eventually set foot on the surface of the Moon as soon as 2019. Once there, they say, they will do the most obvious thing one does when getting there: PLANT A FREAKING FLAG!

But that will only be the beginning, I’m told. Sources close to the project assure me the next phase will be even more exciting: A taquería!


Via: Mé

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Mexican ‘Sufganivot,’ Anyone? New York Chef Gives New Meaning to Jewish Cuisine

Ever wondered what Mexicans eat around the Jewish holidays?

Why, of course, a generous portion of Negra Modelo-braised brisket tacos, Jerusalem artichoke gratin puré and -what else?- dulce de leche-stuffed ‘Sufganivot’ for dessert.


Hat tip: The Science Babe

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This Blog’s Christmas Cards are Ready! You’re Welcome

Before you go all crazy on me, let me clarify one thing: I did not invent the above awesomeness — of course. I have been busy taking siestas, eating tacos and sipping tequila (I’m Mexican, remember?) to be working on such an elaborate work of art.

Thank God I have the entire World Wide Web working for me to serve you people better.

So, without further ado: ¡Feliz Navidad! ahead of time; to get this out of the güey, because right now it’s time for this.



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Taco Bell is Testing a Burrito Loaded with French Fries

The California Loaded Fries Burrito in all its awful glory.

If you freaked out when you read the news about Taco Bell’s chocolate-flavored pubic lice, you’ll definitely want to hear about the chain’s next outrageous proposition:

Introducing The California Loaded Fries Burrito, a burrito stuffed with –yes, you guessed it!–  french fries and other things, including ground “beef” as the protein of choice, nacho cheese and sour cream.

According to multiple sources, these abominations cost $1.99 apiece and –thankfully– can only be found as a test item at locations in Charleston, West Virginia.

I’m so sorry for you, West Virginians. We’ll keep you in my prayers.

Via: Foodbeast

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Florida Pharmacy Sells ‘Hispanic Drugs,’ Because Florida

Drogas hispánicas

Image via @LourdesBFdz on Twitter

This image, which has been doing the rounds on the Internet, couldn’t find a better home than this blog, which has dutifully documented the birth of Hispanic cheese; the deliciously weird tortilla-flavored chocolates; the Mexican Coca-Cola and even a Hispanic lettuce to go with your Hispanic tuna and your Hispanic mayonnaise.

I have several questions about this display, including: Where is the uña de gato?; shouldn’t the sign read “Hispanic drugs” as in several (not one) drugs… Shouldn’t it be “Drogas hispanas” and not “hispánicas”… Oh… and can the creator of this display come forward? I’d like to thank him/her personally.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Wanna Give your Boring, American Food a Latin Twist? Whole Foods Has your Back!

From enchiladas and pupusas to moquecas, lomitos and ceviche. This thing will do the trick!

As Donald Trump would have you believe, America is not only the GREATEST-COUNTRY-ON-EARTH, but also ground zero for entrepreneurship and gastronomical innovation. So much so, gringos have found a way to make EVERYTHING Latin, yes, EVERYTHING, no matter what.

Behold the Whole Foods’ Latin All-Purpose Seasoning

It’s Latin

It’s All-Purpose

It’s Organic

… and it’s available at your nearest Whole Foods (i.e. supermarket. So, ¡ajúa, and #MAGA!

Hat tip: Carolina González

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The Taliban Go to Mexico; Find Delicious Way to Stay Relevant


Sadly, they don’t sell ‘gringas’ there…

Photo: Laura Martínez (Mexico City)

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