Trump and El Chapo Spotted Dining Together in Mexico City

According to a very reliable source (i.e. Mexican Twitter) these cardboard “celebrities” exist — and coexist — at El Ocho, a restaurant in my beloved Mexico City (aka CDMX, though it will always be El DF to me.)

Photo via: @08181

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Trump-Themed Toilet Paper Knows no Borders –and Supports Migrants

What ever happened to Softness Without Borders?

The Mexico made Trump-themed toilet paper was first announced in 2017 with much fanfare, but we sort of lost track of it –until now that it began making the rounds on the Internet –again– as Mr. Trump insists a border wall will be built to keep “nasty Mexicans” and other bad hombres away.

Unlike the president of the United States, the Mexican-made Trump Paper offers “Softness without borders” and claims to “actually support migrants,” since its creator pledges to donate 30 percent of the proceeds to organizations helping migrants entering the United States.

The package also boasts it contains “puros rollos” — a double-entendre that means “pure rolls” but can also be understood as “pure nonsense,” which is, well, much more accurate to our current situation.

Oh, and one more thing: What’s with Zapata and the Burrito Revolution?…

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This Man Has Made a Song about Topo Chico, Because Texas

This gringo really, really likes Topo Chico

Robert Ellis, a Houston-native, has written a song about the deliciousness of…. Topo Chico, that other Mexican import that –along with avocados– has swept Americans off their feet.

The song is called –what else?– Topo Chico and it’s, well, an ode to the greatness that is a freshly-opened bottle of Topo Chico … with a little bit of lime.

Listen to this thing … if you dare.

Hat tip: Texas correspondent @lechancle

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The Heart-Shaped Sope Is Here and there’s Nothing We Can Do about it

Behold: The Heart-Shaped Sope

Saint Valentine’s is still a few days away, but corporate America is already at it making the case for heart-shaped things, no matter how ridiculous they get.

Enter the heart-shaped sope, which will be served by this Fresno taquería and will cost “only” $13.99 –with a drink included, of course.

But if BAE is not the sope type (I mean not all of us are) you might be interested in the “Valentaco Box” instead, which includes six tacos in a heart-shaped box for only $17.99! And if this still doesn’t seal the deal… How about a box of heart-shaped nachos?

What are you waiting for? Surprise your Valentine with a good dose of masa, beans and fresh nonsense!

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Made-in-Mexico MAGA Hats, Because …. Globalization!

Make Mexico Great Again!

Yeah, the Economic Miracle is real!

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Is your Super Bowl Party not Latin Enough? Worry not!

Are you on a tight budget for fancy avocados and still haven’t made any “ethnic-looking” friends?

Worry no more!

You can now buy 5-feet-tall Mexican “scene setters,” ready to assemble and give your Super Bowl party a unique fiesta touch. It’s as easy as bashing a piñata!

For only a few bucks, you can pretend to have real Mexicans at your birthday, bautizo, quinceañera, wedding, etc. These Insta-Mexicans are over 5 feet high; they won’t eat all the tamales, nor gulp all the beer or crash in your living room forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Instant Mexicans ahorita mismo!*

*I bet these are totally Made in China, but just pretend you didn’t read this note at all.

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This Restaurant Sells a Pablo Escobar-themed Burger –and Fox News Writes Columbia, not Colombia

It’s Colombia, not Columbia

A pop-up burger restaurant in Australia thought it was a great idea to peddle a Pablo Escobar-themed burger named –what else?– a Pablo Escoburger.

The creation, which has drawn the fury of many across social media, is named after the infamous Colombian (NOT Columbian) drug lord Pablo Escobar. The thing is aptly named “Patrón Burger” and features “a line of white powder, garlic flour, on top of the bun with a rolled up, fake $100 note stuck on top.”

This story is great and all that, but please Fox News: #ItsColombiaNotColumbia*

Via: Fox News

* con una chingada

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