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Hispanic Media Takes the McCain Approach

Remember when McCain blasted Obama for not talking about Latin America during a recent trip to Europe? Well, here is New York City’s Hoy‘s take on last Thursday’s emotional madness. Does everything have to be Hispanic-centered? I mean… just asking.

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Obama According to the Mexican Press

No matter how much Obama -and/or the rest of the world- attempts to stay away from the race issue… the Latin American press will make sure we know what the whole thing is all about. [sigh]

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Would you Dump Salma Hayek for This Woman?

I guess your answer would be ‘No way, José’ but my very well-informed gossipy sources tell me this is the woman Henry Pinault is dating these days. Not only she looks filthy rich (and fond of horses) but it looks like … Continue reading

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Gobble Up. September is Cholesterol Education Month

Man! I’ve been so busy trying to catch up with my politics, that I almost forgot that September is Cholesterol Education Month. But thanks to media visionaries who care about us, I now know there is a healthy, Hispanic-looking snack … Continue reading

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Daddy Yankee’s McCain Endorsement Is Tough Act to Follow

I’m sure you know by now that Puerto Rico reggaeton sensation Raymond Ayala (aka Daddy Yankee) has endorsed McCain, the 72-year-old make believe ABBA fan, simply because -duh- they both seem to be very fond of La Gasolina. So without … Continue reading

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A Call for Damas to Love Obama

I love politics when it comes coupled with marketing and T-shirts, especially when they make it possible for you show your support to a candidate in addition to boasting your bilingual skills (upside down exclamation marks included!) Here’s the latest … Continue reading

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Hispanics Love Soccer; Mexicans, Taekwondo

I have no idea why, but the only two gold medals Mexicans scored at this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing were in the Taekwondo discipline. Perhaps this has something to do with Latinos’ penchant for kicking the hell out of … Continue reading

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Tracking Rich Mexicans Via Satellite

Well, it seems European dogs are not the only ones being tracked via satellite. Rich Mexicans will now be able to be monitored –and hopefully rescued– in case of kidnapping, thanks to Xega, a Mexican security firm, which is implanting … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Man Spends His Own Wake ‘Bien Parao’

“Para’o” (standing up) is how this Puerto Rican man, 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina, spent his own wake, which -mind you- lasted three days. Dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while propped upright in … Continue reading

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Governors Dress to Scare the Hell Out of Immigrants

Here is what happens when a group of governors gather to discuss U.S.-Mexico border politics under the command of Mr. Terminator himself. (From right: Eduardo Bours, Janet Napolitano, Natividad González Parás, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rick Perry, Humberto Moreira and José Guadalupe … Continue reading

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‘Big Foot’ NOT in Georgia. I Saw Him in Guatemala

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that two ‘Big Foot’ hunters found in Georgia the body of a creature they say is the “great hairy one.” Let me tell you something about ‘Big Foot.” He is not in Georgia, but hiding … Continue reading

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Why Puebla is Bad for Traumatized Pachyderms

Here is a piece of advice: If you are growing old, suffer from depression, emotional distress and overall life has treated you badly… do not go to Puebla. That is what a group of animal rights activists are trying to … Continue reading

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Forget the Border Patrol. Watch the Fatty Burgers

I love the defenders of animal’s rights, mostly because while everybody is discussing a bunch of boring stuff, they’re putting their marketing minds at work. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) this week presented an unusual marketing … Continue reading

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Desmond Tutu Wants you to Read All About Obama’s Faith… En Español

The supposedly provocative book about Obama’s true religious upbringing is now available for all my hermanos en español. The Spanish-language translation comes courtesy of Grupo Nelson, which has also brought us several bible-related books and even a CD/DVD biography of … Continue reading

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May ‘El Chino Latino’ Entertain You for a While

This blog is going on vacation (yes, again!) for a little while. But because these days are all about China, (and the Latino market) I am pleased to leave you with- Chung Li, a.k.a. El Chino Latino, who is -in … Continue reading

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