Univision’s Bárbara Bermudo Launches Clothing Line at -Where Else?- Pompis Store


Latino celebrities are a resourceful bunch. Not content with having the main role on a telenovela, host a network’s most successful TV show or sell out music venues worldwide, they can easily switch gears to sell bottled waterflavored chips and/or their own fragrances.

The turn is now for the sculptural Bárbara Bermudo, host of Univision’s Primer Impacto, who this week announced with great fanfare the launch of CAMI, a clothing, shoe and fashion line inspired on her two daughters (Camila and Mía.)

If you know Bárbara Bermudo you’d agree with me that she is known almost as much for her curves than for her intellectual stamina. So it is no surprise her clothing line will be sold at Puerto Rico’s famed Pompis Stores. [NOTE FOR THE MONOLINGUAL CROWD: I urge you to look up the word “pompis” so you can appreciate the true scope of this venture.]

With the launch at Pompis Store, Bermudo and her bundles of joy are joining yet another “pompous” Latina: Maripili, whose Maripili Jeans are a thing of  beauty.



It’s National Paella Day! [and I Have No Idea Why]


I just woke up to the news that March 27 is National Paella Day in the U.S., yet another reminder of the weirdness of living in a country obsessed with bizarre celebrations and holidays.

But, as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and so hereby I’m paying tribute to Spain’s national dish by sharing one of my favorite ads featuring a “paella de pollo.”

NOTE: I am sorry, but this piece can only be appreciated by those who master the Spanish language. Enjoy! 

Benito Juárez, in Very Good Company

I decided to make an impromptu visit to my family in Mexico City this week. My first outting this morning was to the neighborhood “papelería.” My 9-year-old nephew needed a Pritt and to bind his homework. I bought a Tin Larín, a mazapán and a Slinky.

Who needs Staples and Office Depot when you can have a good ol’ papelería?

I can assure you they’ll satisfy all your stationary needs –and more.

Shocking: Hispanics Buy Non-Hispanic Stuff at the Supermarket


I love Hispanic research, don’t you? And that’s because you get to learn some amazing stuff. For instance, how my people (i.e. The Hispanics) approach grocery shopping.

Take the latest research, stating that Hispanics are as “eclectic” as non-Hispanics when they go shopping, meaning we don’t only go to the supermarket to buy stuff like tamales, pinole, piñatas, nopales and mole Doña María. In fact, according to a recent online survey conducted by Meredith Corporation:

“Latinas confirmed that they are not only shopping the Hispanic aisle – they have eclectic palettes and enjoy cooking a wide variety of foods”.

So don’t believe everything they tell you about my people. We (i.e. The Hispanics) are so eclectic that in fact have joined forces with the Chinese to come up with this:



Eva Longoria Stars in Unintelligible Cat Food Commercial

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.34.03 AM

Last time I reported on my favorite retro-acculturated Latina (aka La Prieta Faya,) she was busy peddling potato chip flavors among potato chip lovers.

Now, in her most recent commercial exposure, Eva Longoria is busy promoting Sheba, a brand of “responsibly-sourced seafood,” which apparently is less irresponsible than other Mars Inc. products, including Snickers, M&M’s, Uncle Ben’s and Orbit.

But, don’t take my word for it. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what this whole thing is about, since the only spot I found seems to be in German, Dutch or Cat-Language. (Definitely NOT in Mexican.)