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In Texas, ‘Prosecuteded’ is Spanish for ‘Prosecuted’

Photo: Sergio Romero

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Univision’s Bárbara Bermudo Launches Clothing Line at -Where Else?- Pompis Store

Latino celebrities are a resourceful bunch. Not content with having the main role on a telenovela, host a network’s most successful TV show or sell out music venues worldwide, they can easily switch gears to sell bottled water, flavored chips and/or their … Continue reading

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It’s National Paella Day! [and I Have No Idea Why]

I just woke up to the news that March 27 is National Paella Day in the U.S., yet another reminder of the weirdness of living in a country obsessed with bizarre celebrations and holidays. But, as they say, when in … Continue reading

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Mexico’s Pizzas are as Hot and ‘Sabrosas’ as its Women

Photo: Richie Gonzalez


Benito Juárez, in Very Good Company

I decided to make an impromptu visit to my family in Mexico City this week. My first outting this morning was to the neighborhood “papelería.” My 9-year-old nephew needed a Pritt and to bind his homework. I bought a Tin … Continue reading

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Shocking: Hispanics Buy Non-Hispanic Stuff at the Supermarket

I love Hispanic research, don’t you? And that’s because you get to learn some amazing stuff. For instance, how my people (i.e. The Hispanics) approach grocery shopping. Take the latest research, stating that Hispanics are as “eclectic” as non-Hispanics when … Continue reading

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Eva Longoria Stars in Unintelligible Cat Food Commercial

Last time I reported on my favorite retro-acculturated Latina (aka La Prieta Faya,) she was busy peddling potato chip flavors among potato chip lovers. Now, in her most recent commercial exposure, Eva Longoria is busy promoting Sheba, a brand of “responsibly-sourced seafood,” … Continue reading

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ESPN Airs MLB Game in Spanish. Viewers Freak Out, Think ‘Mexican’ is a Language

ESPN on Sunday night decided to simulcast its ESPN Deportes feed of a Dominican Republic-Puerto Rico game on its flagship station. Viewers’ reaction was quick and -unsurprisingly- stupid and racist. Here’s a sample: Photo: @LatinoRebels

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RIP Hugo Chávez. A Ranchero Singer at Heart

Say what you will about Hugo Chávez. He gave this blogger many great moments. And here’s one of my favorite ones.

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