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‘The New York Times’ Wants you to Think Mary Magdalene is the Patron Saint of Mexico

Hat tip: A gringo in Querétaro

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When Pope Francis Came to East Harlem…

Pope Francis took time of his hectic agenda to visit the children of East Harlem. My people (i.e. The Latinos and the Harlemites) wasted no time in peddling all kinds of Pope and Vatican-themed merchandise, from flags and buttons to t-shirts … Continue reading

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Tacos, Tortas, Boar’s Head, Holy Pope

  Yeah, Pontifex is in town and my people are on it. Photo: Laura Martínez, NYC 2015

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What’s His Face Likes Latinos, Leaves ‘Little’ Tips and Such

I never thought I had to pay attention to the campaign of What’s His Face. But then he had to say something about my people (i.e. the Hispanics or — like Emilio Estefan would have you believe, ALL THE MEXICANS). And what did he … Continue reading

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As Expected, ‘We’re All Mexicans’ is Here, and it’s Awful

This blogger is too shocked busy right now to make any commentary — sarcastic or not — about this “thing.” But here’s the full version of We’re All Mexicans, the Estefan-sanctioned response to Donald Trump’s insults to Mexicans (or something.) It … Continue reading

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POTUS, FLOTUS and MOTUS Pay Tribute to Don Francisco

Saturday, September 19, 2015 marked the last show ever for Sábado Gigante, the world’s longest running television variety series in history. As part of the emotional farewell Saturday night, Barack Obama (aka POTUS) and wife Michelle (aka FLOTUS) came on board to wish Don Francisco all … Continue reading

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Wake Me up when September Ends

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