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The Ultimate Hispanic Guide to NATPE is Here!

Did you miss this year’s NATPE? Worry no more; this blogger was there and had some very special access to famous gathering of TV producers. The NATPE, Content First (“Primero contentos”) 2013 conference took place this week in Miami, welcoming … Continue reading

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Prince Harry Abruptly Leaves Interview to Go Fetch a Tamal

Speaking of delicious tamales, watch the following never-before-seen footage of the dramatic moment Prince Harry runs for a Oaxacan tamales car during an important interview in Afghanistan. Hat tip: pabloentijuana

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Eau de Tamal: The Fine Scent of Rich, Meaty Latino Foods

Have you had it with your regular French cologne? Do you ever wish you smelled like a rich, meaty tamal? Worry no more! Puerto Rican expert perfumer Zorayda Ortiz has concocted a tamale [sic] fragrance, which, she says… …Will make … Continue reading

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How do you Say ‘Appetizers’ in Cuban Spanish?

Based on my most recent trip to the island  -where I spent a couple of weeks doing absolutely nothing language research-  I realized Cubans are increasingly translating their restaurant menus, street signs and monument guides to cater to an ever-growing … Continue reading

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Ramos, Sotomayor Could Use a Salsa Lesson. ASAP

It’s only one day before inauguration, and if this pair is to meet again at such historical event, they’d better hurry and take a crash course of salsa dancing. They can also go for a Groupon discout here. [This blogger … Continue reading

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Cubans ‘Avanzan Confiados’ with Chevrolet, not Toyota

Remember Toyota’s ‘Avanza Confiado’ tagline for the U.S. Hispanic market? Well, it seems the automaker hasn’t used it for a while, hopefully apparently because 1) It sounds awful and/or 2) They found a better copywriter. Either way, that doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Cuba’s Answer to Coca-Cola: Refreshing ‘Your Ass’

Cubans might not have access to Coca-Cola, but who cares when you can enjoy a refreshing beverage called TuKola? I am sure my advertising and marketing peeps will help me come up with a great tagline for this awesome product. … Continue reading

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Rubén Darío Inspires Best Smoking Warning. Ever.

Who said Latin American poetry and health warnings don’t go hand in hand? Photo: Laura Martínez. 2013

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