Non-Mexican People In Kentucky Apologize for Dressing up as Mexican People

How else are you going to have fun in Louisville, Kentucky? Give these people a break

Poor James Ramsey.

The President of the University of Louisville was having a lot of fun wearing a sombrero and shaking a pair of maracas, but then he was scolded for his “cultural insensitivity” and was forced to apologize to a bunch of Hispanics.

According to The Associated Press:

The University of Louisville apologized to the school’s entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes.

I will never understand why these people should apologize to anybody or why Hispanics (and other non-Mexicans) should be appalled and/or offended over these incidents.

Personally, I feel terrible for these fellows. I mean, how else are you going to have fun when you live in Kentucky?

Give them a break!

Hat tip: Begoña Lozano

You, Guys! ‘Ethnic Halloween’ Season is Here!

Not sure how this qualifies as a 'costume,' but whatev...
Not sure how this qualifies as a ‘costume,’ but whatev…

Somehow the people over at Spirit Halloween think that wearing the Mexican flag or wrapping it around your body is a good Halloween costume idea.

They are wrong.

In fact, you should know that famous Mexican people do that on a regular basis, even if it annoys the hell out of our president and — more importantly — our Director of Democratic Culture and Civic Promotion.

So now you know. Why wait for Halloween when you can be like our celebs and just wrap yourself in the Mexican flag just because?

Blogger’s Note: For other wonderful examples of “ethnic-relevant costumes,” click here, here or here.

Ferrari Preps for Mexican Grand Prix with Hilarious Promo Chuck-Full of Stereotypes

Ferrari drivers get their taco fix
Ferrari drivers get their taco fix

As Scuderia Ferrari prepares for the upcoming Mexico Grand Prix, Mexico born Ferrari racer Esteban Gutiérrez gives team members Vettel y Raikkonen a quick — and hilarious — 5-step tutorial on how to prepare for Mexico.

  1. Learn the importance of güey and hecho la mocha
  2. How to properly eat a taco (hint: stick your ass a little bit)
  3. How read the Aztec calendar
  4. Learn to sing with a mariachi
  5. Pick the right sombrero (i.e. a racing helmet, of course!)


Hat tip: Lorenzo Parro

Wash Away Latino Stereotypes Using Ketchup and Tide Pods

Apparently, this woman is tired of being called a 'beaner'
Apparently, this woman is tired of being called a ‘beaner’

In an unusual (mostly bizarre) new marketing effort, Procter & Gamble has partnered with the National Council of La Raza “to celebrate the contributions of Latinos and fight stereotypes.”

And how do you fight stereotypes? Easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take bottle of ketchup
  2. Use said ketchup to jot down the offending stereotype on a T-shirt
  3. Throw said T-shirt with offending stereotype in washing machine
  4. Use Tide pods
  5. Repeat if there are more offended Latinos in household

Voilá!… adiós mojados, wetbacks, beaners and balseros!


Via: Creativity Online


BREAKING: I’m Moving to Mexico — Mexico, NY, that Is

Welcome to Mexico, NY
Welcome to Mexico, NY

Go figure.

After all these years living in regular New York (i.e. Manhattan, what else?) I just learned there is a town called Mexico, located in the northeast part of Oswego County, New York.

According to the always-reliable Wikipedia, the Town of Mexico has a population of 5,197 and contains a village also named Mexico. What’s more, there’s a Mexico High School (once called Mexico Academy,) a Mexico Middle School and even a Mexico Elementary School.



This fact opens up amazing opportunities for this blogger, who can no longer afford to live in regular New York and misses the thrills of living in a place called Mexicou. After all, Mexico, NY officials claim, this town is “A great place to live, work and play.”

That might be so, but before making such a radical move, this blogger will be embarking on a serious investigation of Mexico’s taco-situation, which will ultimately make or break the deal.

Stay tuned.

Hillary or Evita? NPR Asks, Latinos Respond, Hilarity Ensues

Evita? Hillary?
Evita? Hillary?

NPR has finally discovered Hillary Clinton’s new Spanish-language posters, which — as everybody knows —  make her look a little too much like Eva Perón, the actress turned first lady of Argentina.

You can read the story here, but the best part about this so far is the reaction of some Latinos on Twitter. Here are just some of my favorites:

On peronism….

On being The Force

Ojo yanquis…

To the Donald…

Pure hilarity…


John Oliver’s Take on Peña Nieto’s #YaChole Campaign Is a Thing of Beauty


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Mexico is a mess, and that President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s most unpopular president to date, is not doing much to help.

In fact, Peña Nieto’s most recent ad campaign asking Mexicans to just “stop complaining” quickly backfired, leading the government to pull the ad from its official YouTube page. But as everybody (except Peña Nieto and his advisers) knows, what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. And thanks to this, brilliant people like John Oliver can make sense of the nonsense, making sure things are not easily forgotten.

Remember, EPN: “You can’t delete anything from the Internet. The only way to guarantee no one will see something online is to put it on”

So, gracias John!


Hispanic Heritage Month is Finally Over; Now Back to your Regular Programming

I don’t know you, but I was frankly getting tired of all this “Hispanics are great,” “Hispanics are awesome,” “We are all Mexicans” rhetoric.

Luckily, the month-long marketing fiesta known as Hispanic Heritage Month is finally over, so media can get their butt back to reporting regular Hispanic stories, in which my people are no longer a colorful, boisterous bunch, but simply “probable cause” for traffic stops, frisks, deportation, etc. To wit.


So enjoy your next eleven months of non-Hispanic-Heritage. See you in 2016!

via: Daily News

Spanish-Dubbed Chinese Telenovelas Are Way Better than Regular Telenovelas


This is a story of love, passion and betrayal, but its main protagonists do not boast names like Camila Valentina, or Eduardo Alberto Manuel.

Meet Xie An Zhen and Wen Rui Fan, the protagonists of Esposa valiente (Xi Li Ren Qi in Chinese, or The Fierce Wife) a nightly telenovela airing nightly on Spanish-language KJLA-TV channel 57 in Los Angeles.

The story might sound familiar to any drama lover: Xie An Zhen is happily married with one daughter until her husband cheats on her with her cousin, and “the ensuing divorce becomes a battle of love and wits.” But Esposa valiente is not your typical telenovela. It is, in fact, part of an initiative by the Taiwanese government to promote Taiwanese culture in the U.S.

“If we talk about politics every day, nobody will listen,” Steve Hsia, director-general of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles, told the Los Angeles Times. “If we can shorten the distance between Taiwan and other nations through culture, that’s helpful.”

I’m not sure if this thing is going to shorten the distance between Latinos and Taiwan, but the story looks juicy enough for this blogger to go get hooked. Oh, and the dubbing makes it particularly awesome!

Via: Los Angeles Times

Univision Series for ‘Billennials’ Is Mix of Comedy, Drama, Emojis and Plenty of Profanity


In an ongoing effort to pursue millennials (aka good-for-nothings-who-are-obsessed-with-Snapchat) Univision today announced the launch of Tenemos que hablar, a Spanish-language web series that follows “the rocky, and often hilarious, long-distance relationship between 20-year-old Emilia and her boyfriend Bobi‎, who just moved from Mexico to Miami.”

Filmed in Mexico and Miami, the 12-episode series features “YouTube stars” Daniel Tovar and Ricardo Polanco, whom I’m sure are very well known in their respective households and among millennials and billennials (as Univision calls bilingual millennials.) The series will be available only on and on Univision’s YouTube channel, because as everybody knows, millennials are a lazy, pathetic bunch that cannot afford cable and won’t watch TV anyway.

Besides, given the excess amount of expletives, I’m sure it will be a headache trying to air this thing to on broadcast television.

As for myself, I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching. After all, I’m on my way to becoming healthier, wealthier and — OF COURSE– wiser.


Ready for Halloween? El Chapo Full Costume is Here. And it’s Awesome

¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!
¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!

My people have done it my friends.

Not content with giving the world the spectacular Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump piñatas, Mexicans are now jumping on the Halloween bandwagon with the all-inclusive El Chapo full costume, which comes complete with a latex mask and a traditional white-and-black striped prison uniform that reads — what else? — #NoEraPenalDeMaximaSeguridad.

El Chapo’s costume is available on sites, including Mercado Libre, retailing for about $25*

*Tunnel and bird NOT included

Via: Fusion

This Latino Is Going to Vote for Trump –and Make you Get up and Salsa

Ruben-Obed-MartinezRubén Obed Martínez (luckily not related to this blogger) likes Donald Trump so much, that he will not only vote for him, but he has written an extremely catchy song that will surely make you get up and dance.

Bloggers’s Note: I hate salsa as much as I despise Trump, but must admit this thing is infinitely better than the crappy anti-trump-Estefan-music-Mexican-thing.

Watch. Get up. Move el bote. Repeat.

According to Nielsen, I’ll be ‘Wealthy, Healthy and Wise’ Very Soon… So, Yay!


If everything goes according to plan — and if Nielsen’s latest research is accurate — I will no longer be poor, unhealthy and prone to making poor decisions.

According to Nielsen’s The New American Vanguard, a 2015 report on Latinos 50+:

“While younger Hispanics are commanding wide-spread attention, it’s actually older Hispanics who are leading the way, extending a strong cultural influence over their families and their communities at large.”

In fact, Hispanics 50+ will kick so much butt that they “will lead the way by living and working longer, establishing increased wealth potential and bearing the torch as the cultural matriarchs in their families and communities.”

And that is not all. In addition to being wealthy and a “cultural matriarch,” it looks like I will also be healthier (at last!). According to page 23 of said report, I will soon prefer “healthy and organic food,” which apparently means I’ll be ditching street tacos in favor of a kale-based, gluten-free diet.

Last but not least, and because being wealthy and healthy is certainly not enough, I’ll be making smarter choices in my life. Apparently, once I turn 50, I’ll be playing a crucial role “in the formation of a new mainstream society that is culturally inclusive as well as rooted in traditional American values of patriotism, hard work, personal optimism and faith in Americans’ collective future.”

Really? Wow! I can’t wait.