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Non-Mexican People In Kentucky Apologize for Dressing up as Mexican People

Poor James Ramsey. The President of the University of Louisville was having a lot of fun wearing a sombrero and shaking a pair of maracas, but then he was scolded for his “cultural insensitivity” and was forced to apologize to a bunch of Hispanics. According to … Continue reading

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You, Guys! ‘Ethnic Halloween’ Season is Here!

Somehow the people over at Spirit Halloween think that wearing the Mexican flag or wrapping it around your body is a good Halloween costume idea. They are wrong. In fact, you should know that famous Mexican people do that on a regular basis, even … Continue reading

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Ferrari Preps for Mexican Grand Prix with Hilarious Promo Chuck-Full of Stereotypes

As Scuderia Ferrari prepares for the upcoming Mexico Grand Prix, Mexico born Ferrari racer Esteban Gutiérrez gives team members Vettel y Raikkonen a quick — and hilarious — 5-step tutorial on how to prepare for Mexico. Learn the importance of güey and hecho la mocha How to properly … Continue reading

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Wash Away Latino Stereotypes Using Ketchup and Tide Pods

In an unusual (mostly bizarre) new marketing effort, Procter & Gamble has partnered with the National Council of La Raza “to celebrate the contributions of Latinos and fight stereotypes.” And how do you fight stereotypes? Easy! Just follow these simple steps: Take bottle of … Continue reading

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The ‘Taco’ Emoji is Here; Looks Nothing Like a Taco

After much anticipation, the taco emoji has finally arrived; and just as this blogger predicted, it looks like this… When everybody knows what tacos really look like… Oh well….

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BREAKING: I’m Moving to Mexico — Mexico, NY, that Is

Go figure. After all these years living in regular New York (i.e. Manhattan, what else?) I just learned there is a town called Mexico, located in the northeast part of Oswego County, New York. According to the always-reliable Wikipedia, the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at the Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters…

Hillary: Quick! What should I do to get all these Latin people excited about me and stuff? Latino adviser: Just tweet something; pepper some Spanish words and make sure to mention a fiesta. You’ll be just fine. ¡Ay caramba!

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Hillary or Evita? NPR Asks, Latinos Respond, Hilarity Ensues

NPR has finally discovered Hillary Clinton’s new Spanish-language posters, which — as everybody knows —  make her look a little too much like Eva Perón, the actress turned first lady of Argentina. You can read the story here, but the best part about this so far is … Continue reading

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John Oliver’s Take on Peña Nieto’s #YaChole Campaign Is a Thing of Beauty

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Mexico is a mess, and that President Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico’s most unpopular president to date, is not doing much to help. In fact, Peña Nieto’s most recent ad campaign asking Mexicans to … Continue reading

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Hispanic Heritage Month is Finally Over; Now Back to your Regular Programming

I don’t know you, but I was frankly getting tired of all this “Hispanics are great,” “Hispanics are awesome,” “We are all Mexicans” rhetoric. Luckily, the month-long marketing fiesta known as Hispanic Heritage Month is finally over, so media can get their … Continue reading

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Spanish-Dubbed Chinese Telenovelas Are Way Better than Regular Telenovelas

This is a story of love, passion and betrayal, but its main protagonists do not boast names like Camila Valentina, or Eduardo Alberto Manuel. Meet Xie An Zhen and Wen Rui Fan, the protagonists of Esposa valiente (Xi Li Ren Qi in Chinese, … Continue reading

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Univision Series for ‘Billennials’ Is Mix of Comedy, Drama, Emojis and Plenty of Profanity

In an ongoing effort to pursue millennials (aka good-for-nothings-who-are-obsessed-with-Snapchat) Univision today announced the launch of Tenemos que hablar, a Spanish-language web series that follows “the rocky, and often hilarious, long-distance relationship between 20-year-old Emilia and her boyfriend Bobi‎, who just … Continue reading

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Ready for Halloween? El Chapo Full Costume is Here. And it’s Awesome

My people have done it my friends. Not content with giving the world the spectacular Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump piñatas, Mexicans are now jumping on the Halloween bandwagon with the all-inclusive El Chapo full costume, which comes complete with a latex mask and a traditional … Continue reading

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This Latino Is Going to Vote for Trump –and Make you Get up and Salsa

Rubén Obed Martínez (luckily not related to this blogger) likes Donald Trump so much, that he will not only vote for him, but he has written an extremely catchy song that will surely make you get up and dance. Bloggers’s Note: I hate … Continue reading

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According to Nielsen, I’ll be ‘Wealthy, Healthy and Wise’ Very Soon… So, Yay!

If everything goes according to plan — and if Nielsen’s latest research is accurate — I will no longer be poor, unhealthy and prone to making poor decisions. According to Nielsen’s The New American Vanguard, a 2015 report on Latinos 50+: “While younger Hispanics are commanding wide-spread … Continue reading

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