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The Perfect Gift to Bring Your Friends from Cancun

While Mexicans are getting creative, and putting surgical masks to a good use, gringos too are jumping in the Swine Flu phenomenon. Going to Mexico but don’t want to come back with the usual, boring souvenirs? Now you can surprise … Continue reading

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The Hayek-Pinaults Treat Wedding Guests With Nonexistent Mexican Food

Forget about Latin hot-dogs and Texican burgers, the new wave in Mexican cuisine is the non-existent fare, including some of the appetizing dishes the Hayek-Pinault newlyweds offered their guests at their Venice wedding weekend extravaganza. The delicious Mexican-French fusion included … Continue reading

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Ever Resourceful Mexicans Find Surgical Masks Ideal for Robberies

Ah, Mexicans… what a creative, resourceful, bunch. In these days of swine flu panic, some have found a much more practical use of surgical masks: use them to rob restaurants and not get caught. According to Reforma newspaper, a group … Continue reading

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Mexican ‘Taqueros’ Protect Themselves [Not Us] From Swines

Amid the worse swine flu scare ever, Mexican taco makers have readily embraced face masks, which is nice, I think but… Wouldn’t it be better to just NOT chop swines and then put then on a tortilla? I mean, just … Continue reading

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Mexican Shoe Shiner in Spain Gives Us Valuable Marketing Advice

If you are the best Mexican shoe-shiner specializing in boot cleaning and you live in Spain, the best way to promote yourself is, well, simply by stating the truth: that not only you are a Mexican shoe-shiner but that you … Continue reading

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What Do Latinos Want? They Want Scantily-Clad Latinas Shaking Their Colita

Now that we know what it is that Latinas really want, we thought it was time to expand the market research to their male counterparts. So, what do Latinos want? They want Latinas! Preferably scantily-clad ones, shaking up their colita on prime-time television. … Continue reading

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What Latinas Want: Sex, Not Wine, With Husbands; Take Lots of Digital Photos… and iPod Downloads

Once in a lifetime, market research comes out to shed light on what we [U.S. Latinas] want, but would rather keep in the dark. Take the most recent (and reportedly groundbreaking) research conducted by OTX, which pretty much gives away … Continue reading

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Move Over, Texican Whopper. Introducing the Latin-Flavored Hot Dog (Perro Caliente)

Ah, marketers… always finding interesting -and amusing- ways to engage us, Latinos, into whatever it is that we’re supposed to be engaged in. In its latest effort to have already obese Hispanics eat other than tortillas and frijoles, Oscar Mayer … Continue reading

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That’s It! First Burger King… Now, South Park?

It seems that mainstream media and marketing gurus are getting their kicks making fun of poor, defenseless Mexicans. On the heels of the Burger King Texican Whopper fiasco, comes yet another public “offense” against the Mexican people; this time from … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Brings My People ‘Mucho Dinerito’

You can badmouth the gringos as much as you want, but they are soooooo nice to us, Mexicans. Take Barack Obama, who this afternoon arrived in Mexico City to personally give the Calderón government US$66 million! Alas, the greenbacks might … Continue reading

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Obama’s Mexico Visit By the Numbers

1 Beast (the bullet proof limo, NOT who you’re thinking of…) 5.4 meters. Length of The Beast 12:00 P.M. (CST) Time when Mexico’s air travel space will shut down for one and a half hours 13:00 P.M. (CST) Estimated Time … Continue reading

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Obama + Calderón: Brought Together by Nonsense

It didn’t take long for Mexican cartoonists to take on the whole Burger King brouhaha. In the image, Obama is seeing as the tall, lanky gringo who poses next to a chubby -and tiny- Felipe Calderón. These two, however, are not … Continue reading

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What’s a Few Guns When You Can Make Some Extra ‘Dinerito’?

Undeterred by American TV anchors reporting on Armageddon south of the border -and despite what Anderson Cooper wants you to believe— U.S. manufacturers are flocking to Mexico in search of some extra dinerito. (Even when things are so messed up … Continue reading

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The New Whopper is a Sandwich Filled with Cajun Sauce, Frijoles and Plenty of Stereotypes

What happens when you merge a tall, good-looking Texan man with a stocky, chubby  guy wrapped in the Mexican flag and wearing a wrestling mask?  Answer: you get a Burger King Texican Whopper, yet another “delicious” creation from the hamburger … Continue reading

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Former ‘Hoy’ Employee to Launch Newspaper in NYC. Taps Local Beauties to Help Promote it

And just when you thought the so-called ethnic press was dead, a group of former Hoy employees in New York City are getting ready to launch NY Al Día, a Monday to Friday daily expected to circulate 20,000 copies starting … Continue reading

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