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Tacos That Will Make your Heart Skip a Beat

One thing you have to know about Mexicans is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously… Oh, and that we are simply the best when it comes to naming our small businesses. Here’s La Taqui-Cardia, an aptly named taco joint … Continue reading

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Chávez Says ‘No’ to Mice and Passwords

The Bolivarian Revolution has now declared war to … the English language. By presidential mandate, Venezuelans are now being asked to avoid the use of English-language business and tech words. Included in the Spanish-only campaign are: staff, marketing, passwords, mouse, … Continue reading

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¡Ay Jalisco, no te rajes!

And you thought you had seen it all….

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Univision’s ‘Jorge Ramos’ Makes it to SNL

You know Univision has made it to the big leagues when one of its main anchors is mocked at by the cast of Saturday Night Live. During a hilarious 6-minute spoof about the media’s obsession with Barack Obama, Jorge Ramos … Continue reading

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Trading Lazy Missourians for Less Lazy Mexicans

If you thought you had seen (and heard) it all about politics and immigration, consider Rod Jetton, a Missouri politician who is offering to trade lazy locals for hardworking Mexican immigrants. “I think there are some lazy Missourians in this … Continue reading

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Spanish-language TV Will Make your Kids Fat

At last! someone other than myself dared criticize Spanish-language television in the U.S. But not precisely for the content of its programs but the alarming amount of fast-food commercials that are contributing to the obesity epidemic among Hispanic. After reviewing … Continue reading

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This Betty is Ugly… and Costs ‘Mucho Dinero’

Move over Cinco de Mayo Barbie. Here comes Ugly Betty, the doll, launched this week at the New York City 2008 Toy Fair. It comes complete with her staple blue trimmed red Guadalajara poncho; braces, glasses and thick black hair. … Continue reading

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Who Says Mexicans aren’t Honest?

You can say anything you want about Mexican women except that we make false promises. Take Lupita, a humble, provincial girl, who might not look like a top model but promises unbridled passion in addition to a big, hard butt … Continue reading

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The florist, the cop, the hairdresser and the Mexican

Too tired to blog about current events. Besides, current events are really gloomy these days. So… before I part for a four-day St. Valentine/President’s Day puente, I leave you dear readers with a story that could have very well happened … Continue reading


Lust in Translation… Literally!

If you are remotely familiar with the Spanish-language, you will certainly know that “Póntelo” (Put it on) is by no means a direct translation of “Get Some,” which is the new slogan of the city’s official condom (yep, we New … Continue reading

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Move Over Coke Zero. Here Comes Pepsi Retro

Meet Pepsi Retro, Pepsi’s brand new calorie-free beverage elaborated with pure sugar cane and bottled in retro-looking cans and bottles. (Somehow it looks like something you could have found in your abuela’s kitchen cabinet. But don’t get too excited. Pepsi … Continue reading

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Puddles Becomes Panchito in Bizarre Texas Tale

Turns out there is a town in Texas called Alice. And it also turns out its former Mayor, Grace Saenz-Lopez, is a lier and a dog-thief. According to a story on today’s New York Times, Saenz-Lopez took advantage of her … Continue reading


Why I Love Mexico (Part V)

For all the money, work and marketing efforts involved in the promotion of small businesses, Mexican mom-and-pop shops have lots to teach the average world-wide entrepreneur. Don’t have a lot of money to put up a sign outside your shop? … Continue reading

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Denver Mariachis are one Passionate Bunch

  If you have never been a member of a Mariachi band in Denver, Colorado, chances are you will find it difficult to feel sorry for Mr. Alvaro Alvarado-Amarias, who has been held by the local authorities for holding a … Continue reading

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Oh No! I am a Taco Salad Type of Chick

And speaking of non-Mexican Mexican food, restaurant chain Qdoba has partnered with Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (ha, ha, ha), to conduct a study aptly titled: “You Are What You Eat,” which … Continue reading

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