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Act Now! The Grammatically-Challenged ‘Latinos for Trump’ T-Shirts Are Now on Sale


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Mexican Restaurant Owner Has a Message for the Haters

Looks like advocating for equality and social justice doesn’t go down well among some people. Take some Iowans, who found a sign posted outside a Mexican restaurant a little too… politically correct. The story goes like this. Alfonso Medina, owner … Continue reading

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Totino’s Releases Takis Fuego Cheese Bites, Because 2020 Hates me

I’m sorry to inform you Totino’s has released “mozzarella cheese bites coated with Takis Fuego seasoning,” because 2020 really, really hates me. These “poppable” rolls feature a mozzarella-like filling and can be found at the frozen aisle of most major … Continue reading

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The Perfect Halloween Costume Doesn’t Exi….

Say what you will about my people; we’re the awesomest bunch and all…

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Today in Awkward Translations…

Even Google Translate knows that the best translation for “Dulce de leche” is caramel, but oh well…

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Oct. 4 is National Taco Day AND National Vodka Day. I’m Happy

Only in America, the land of opportunities, you can have a yummy, double celebration which looks to have been conceived specifically with this blogger in mind. Today is National Taco Day AND National Vodka Day, so please don’t come expect … Continue reading

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