Should We Be Called ‘Hispano Latinos’? Univision [And Myself] Really Want to Know

I don’t always watch TV on Sunday, but when I do, I watch Al Punto

Yeah, yeah, this phrase just sounded like a Dos Equis commercial, but it isn’t. I did watch this morning and, among other very relevant information (i.e. that Quadri thinks he can become Mexico’s next president and he likes pot,) I learned that Texas has put forward a proposal to change the name to describe Hispanics in the U.S.

So basically, from what I could gather, some fellows in Texas think we should not be called Hispanics or Latinos anymore, but we should be known as Hispano-Latinos.

I think these guys have a lot of time in their hands, but just in case, I am going to watch Capusotto over and over again to make sure I get my Latino-ness in check.

Hat tip: José Simián

Kelloggs Wants you to Know Cinco de Mayo Is Some Sort of Mayan Celebration. LOL


Oh no, they didn’t!

I swear it took me a while of digging before realizing this page is legit.

Well, damn it, it IS legit!

Kelloggs, which for some reason says its Crunchy Nut Cereal is the cereal of [un] official celebrations, has launched a celebration of –yes, you guessed it!— Cinco de Mayo. A Facebook campaign exposes visitors to some supposedly funny not funny “informational” copy, where we learn among other things that:

The fifth of May holds special significance that dates back to the rule of the ancient Mayans. They believed the number five was extremely lucky, and took great care to integrate it into their lives. Calisthenics five times a week. The five-day workweek. And so on. But the number five had special meaning when it appeared more than once – five-five or May 5 was worthy of only one thing: celebration. So, the Mayans would get their groove on withKellogg’s® Crunchy Nut® cereal on May 5 in honor of their favorite number.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be funny, but you know what? It is not, really.

There’s just one thing this blogger would like to add: These guys are positively NUTS!

Target to Feature ‘Emilio’s Picks.’ Expect no Milanés, Maradona Stuff Among Such Picks

Target, the store that brought you the Target Bodega, is now introducing an innovative, Latino-targeted concept: Emilio’s Picks, as in the stuff picked by Emilio Estefan as cool.

According to the Miami Herald, Emilio’s Picks is:

A selection of music, movies and books curated for Target by Miami’s Grammy award-winning music producer, Emilio Estefan, and displayed in an ongoing section in the entertainment department of select stores.

I don’t know yet what type of books, music and stuff Mr. Estefan will be picking for us, but I have a hunch there’s not going to be a lot of Milanés music, Marx literature or Maradona sports parafernalia, which is like, fine by me, as I tend to look for cultural picks elsewhere.

Jessica Perez Says it All: “You Don’t Have to Have Big Boobs to be a Latina”

Thank you, Jessica Perez, thank you!!!!

Sports Illustrated stunning Costa Rican model Jessica Perez has a thing or two to teach you about the horrible stereotypes surrounding Latinas in the U.S. For example, that not all Latinas (like Jessica Pérez and myself) are dark-skinned and large-breasted.

Given the opportunities Ms. Perez has landed as a non-Latina-looking Latina, gives this blogger high hopes for her near future. Anyone care to put me on the cover of some magazine? (¿aunque sea People en Español?)

More on the Growing Career Choices for Latinas

With Latinas rapidly making it as star maids in Hollywood, it was only natural that other professional opportunities would arise.

Enter the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, in Lubbock, Texas, offering “nude and topless maid services.”

How much are these sexified maids, anyway? Customers pay $100 an hour for one maid and $150 an hour for two maids, and “if the customer wants his or her maids to be completely nude, all he/she has to do is ask.”

With Hispanics representing 32% of the population of Lubbock, Texas, I’m sure Latinas are part of this company’s sexy offering, in which case all this blogger asks for is a fair treatment (i.e. please do not call the migra on them; at least not while they are cleaning in their undies.)

Latino Moms Dress up Kids in Nestlé Parafernalia for no Apparent Reason

Remember when Facebook was this fun place to hang out with friends and family?

Well, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg has succeeded in turning his social network into a fun place to hang out with friends, family…. and a bunch of multinationals.

Take Nestle’s Facebook Spanish-language page, which is encouraging Latino families to share their “Nestlé-related experiences” with over 34,000 fans… and everyone else for that matter.

I have no idea what Nestlé is offering these families, but it’d better damn good (a ton of money or a life-time supply of Nescafé, perhaps?) Otherwise, I could not conceive any other reason why I would dress up my kids in cardboard boxes of Maggie, DiGiornio and Carnation.

Is it just me?

Photo: Nestlé El Mejor Nido

Non-Hispanic Ad Agency Does Hispanic Spot for ESPN, Probably Pissing Off Some Hispanic Agencies

Robinson Cano stars in ESPN’s latest “This is Sports Center” ad, premiering this Wednesday, just in time for MLB’s opening day. According to the New York Times, it is the first time a Spanish-language spot runs on the “regular” ESPN as opposed to ESPN Deportes.

But Hispanic creative people shouldn’t start jumping up and down in joy: The spot was not conceived by a so-called Hispanic agency, using Hispanic insights and the like. It was created by the New York office of Wieden & Kennedy, because as everybody knows now, it is no longer necessary to be an “ethnic agency” to do “ethnic work.”

Didn’t you know that?

The ad is cool, by the way. Just watch!