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Justin Timberlake’s Approach to Tequila Not Quite What You’d Expect From a 40-Percent Alcohol Spirit

I’m not sure you care, but turns out the overrated multi-talented Justin Timberlake is the CEO and founder of some concoction known as 901 Tequila, which may or may not be the real thing. So…. to show us that Agave-based … Continue reading

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Beware Paisanos! Google Maps is the New Big Brother

Remember the English couple’s first kiss caught by Google Maps? That is nothing compared to what my people (i.e. Mexicans) have to endure… being caught while breaking into a pick-up truck. Shame on you, Google! [Click on the picture above … Continue reading

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As Arizona’s Passage of the SB1070 Becomes Imminent, I Worry for the Future of Miss Caliente

With Arizona’s sb1070 set to take effect Thursday, nobody has been able to inform this blogger what will become of the state’s annual Miss Caliente pageant, that “unforgettable event that places the strength of Latina woman in the spotlight.” I’m … Continue reading

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Paulina Rubio & Mom Get Milk Moustache. Someone [And This Blogger] Ruins the Surprise

La Chica Dorada (aka Paulina Rubio) and her fabulous mom, Susana Dosamantes, are scheduled to appear on the next Got Milk campaign, out August 3rd. However, a Paulina Rubio fan site spoiled the surprise for everybody and -of course- this … Continue reading

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¡Santos Demonios! The Complete Collection of ‘Hispanic Batman’ is Finally Out

Didn’t make it to Comic Con this past weekend? Do not worry. You can still get your hands on the complete collection of Hispanic Batman, the one and only action hero “with a DNA of a Mexican wrestler thrown in … Continue reading

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Shame on You, Immigrant Haters! Even Burritos Know No Borders

Photo taken by Laura Martínez, who came across this “eatery” at Newark’s International Airport, but wisely decided to have her fix of fake Mexican food at next door’s Chili’s.

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Young Director Calls Her Abuela an Idiot, Shoots Her in NY Latino Film Festival Promotional Clip

So much for the Waka-Waka controversy. The latest thing that -apparently- has many Latino really pissed off is New York’s Latino Film Festival’s promotional video (click on the photo below to watch), which shows a young girl as the director … Continue reading

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Big Mexican Women Help Very Dangerous Afghan People Escape Texas, Says Fox News

Blame it on the Mexicans, or rather, on Big Mexican Women (BMW’s.) According to the folks at the not-so-fair-nor-balanced network Fox News, a loose network of Mexican-American women, “some of whom may be illegal immigrants,” have helped some very dangerous … Continue reading

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MAC-Rodarte Juárez-Inspired Makeup Line Not Such a Good Idea Anymore

It was just a matter of time. The not-so-brilliant founders of MAC and Rodarte today issued statements of apology for their cosmetics’ unfortunate choice of name. Among the Mexico-inspired cosmetics line ready to be launched, they created a series of … Continue reading

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South Africa, South America, Same Difference…

A picture circulating the Internet shows a screen shot of Chicago TV’s channel WGN-9 during a broadcast of the recent World Cup in South Africa, featuring a map of South America labeled “South Africa.” I have not been able to … Continue reading

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Veggie Latina Pitches Alternative to National Hot Dog Month, Wears Chili Pepper Bikini

You might be busy celebrating National Hot Dog Month (July) but Latina stunner Vida Guerra opted for making a veggie statement. The model this week was spotted handing veggie hot-dogs in Washington, D.C. wearing -what else?- a chili-pepper string bikini. … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a World Cup to Bring Out the Conquistador in You…

Spanish industrial conglomerate CEPSA couldn´t find a better excuse time to gloat on Spain´s not-so-glorious past. (For the monolingual crowd: The ad states: The World is Ours…Once Again) Ad published 7/12 in El País

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