California Wants Kids to go Out to ‘Juagar’ -or Something


It is always a good thing when U.S. organizations take the time to embrace other cultures -and languages. But, here’s a piece of advice: If you are a children’s museum seeking to encourage children to play and explore in English -and Spanish- you will be well advised to use proper Spanish translations and -ding!- do it right.

Now, you probably don’t have tons of money to hire someone awesome like, ahem, myself, but heck! at least you can use Google Translate. See below. It works!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 2.02.35 PM

So in a nutshell: Don’t be freaking lazy; do your job properly or stop “juagando” with my people.

UNLESS, of course, you meant to say “JuanGa” in which case I’m in and I wan to play!

Hat tip: Begoña Lozano, purveyor of awesome postings.

CW to Premiere Venezuelan Drama About a Religious Girl Who Gets ‘Accidentally Inseminated’


The crave for Latin American dramas is about to reach new heights, as CW on October will debut an English-language adaptation of Juana la Virgen, a Venezuelan novela about a “very religious girl” who ends up being artificially inseminated… accidentally, of course.

The adaptation, which was first reported by, has some powerful backers, including Ben Silverman, the guy behind Ugly Betty and Jennie Snyder Urman, creator of Emily Owens, MD.

I’m not sure how the story will play down in English, but at least in Spanish -and judging from the following episode- Juana’s “virginity” doesn’t seem to hold much water.

Thursday is National Tequila Day, and Some Flak Wants me to Drink Jenni Rivera Tequila

As if living in the U.S. weren’t hard enough, one has to keep track of all these national food and drink holidays, which are a lot, believe me. There’s National Vodka and Taco DayNational Tortilla Chip Day and even National Paella Day.

And while I have missed a few of these very important celebrations, I intend to celebrate in full the upcoming National Tequila Day, which will take place July 24.

But I will not be celebrating with just any tequila. Per the advice of a flak PR executive, the best way to celebrate is by opening a bottle of Jenni Rivera La Gran Señora Tequila (whose existence had also eluded me) and mix a “super terrific drink…” How about a spicy cucumber margarita?

I don’t know about you, but since I’m very receptive to PR pitches and PR people, I’ll be starting my test right away. Why wait until the 24th?


FTC Launches ‘Fotonovela’ to Warn Hispanics Against Government Impostors

fotonovela-impostores-de-gobierno-veaIn an effort to raise awareness of scams targeting the Latino community, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched Impostores del Gobierno, its first fotonovela -or illustrated novel.

Impostores del Gobierno follows
the story of Sonia, a young woman who responds to a call from a man claiming to be government -and convinces her to send money. Sonia is seeing falling prey of the scam while going about the regular activities of a Latino woman, namely buying Latino food at a Latino food merchant.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.50.46 PM

The FTC says the story is based on actual complaints received by the FTC and offers practical advice on what to say when a call, text message or email from a fake government received.

Via: en español


Telemundo’s Adaptation of ‘Les Miserables’ Features ‘La Chule’ as Jean Valjean

Aracely Arámbula will play the role of Lucía Durán in Telemundo's 'Les Miserables'
Aracely Arámbula will play the role of Lucía Durán in Telemundo’s ‘Les Miserables’

You can say anything about Hispanic TV networks, but they are a quite inventive bunch when it comes to Spanish-language adaptations of world-renowned dramas.

Take Telemundo, which has kicked off production of its own version of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th Century. But instead of an old, boring male Jean Valjan, the role of the protagonist -who served a prison sentence for stealing a loaf of bread- will be played by none other than Aracely Arámbula, aka “La Chule” or the stunningly-blond-Mexican-mother-of-Luis-Miguel-children.

According to the Houston ChronicleTelemundo’s upcoming telenovela is a “strange and free” adaptation of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, taking the adaptation all the way to the present time in a Texas town.

I’m all up for free adaptations. I mean, wouldn’t you rather see La Chule and her well-known cleavages instead of the always pathetically sad mug of Valjean? [right]


Yeah, I’d rather see Arámbula -and her cleavage- than this fellow.