Spaniards, Too, Can Look Ethnic This Halloween

Well, turns out it’s not only Americans who like to go a litle ethnic when it comes to celebrate Halloween.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain-based Turbo Hobby is promoting a new line of “ethnic” costumes, which include the “Disfraz de mexicano” (Mexican costume) featuring a pink, flowery poncho and some kind of Andaluz-looking hat that I didn’t know was Mexican.

Turbo Hobby’s Disfraz de mexicano comes in adult and child sizes and can be yours for only 14.95 euros.

Chances are you won’t look as cute as the guy in the picture here, but it is very likely that some members of your same gender will express their desire to sneak under your poncho…

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

At Last! English-language TV I Can Actually Understand

jorge-ramos-y-leon-krauze_323x216The big news today was the official launch of Fusion, the ABC News/Univision joint cable network, whose tagline, Not Everybody Gets It, is more than fitting, considering I have Time Warner Cable and thus, I don’t GET it.

But I digress. Among Fusion’s premiere shows today were America with Jorge Ramos, and Open Source, hosted by León Krauze, both Mexican paisanos of mine, who will be hosting their own English-language shows.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.12.46 PM

This, of course, couldn’t make this blogger any happier. At last, after all these years in this country, I’ll be able to watch English-language TV and actually understand it.

Can’t wait for much more of stuff like this. After all, as Jorge Ramos says: This is ágüer America! O sea que ¡ajúa, güeyes!

Lou Reed Has Died… And Even in Bad Spanish, He Was Great

Lou_colgadaThis is a tricky post. Nothing “Hispanic” about it except that this blogger was a true fan. I can only say I’m honored to have lived in the same century (and city) as he did. I once even shook his hand after a sold-out concert in Buenos Aires many moons ago.

[Oh, and thanks to whoever subtitled this, albeit badly, into Spanish, giving this blogger a perfect excuse to upload and give him a proper send-off.]

I was truly ‘colgada’ and not ready to see him taking a walk on the other side.






Mexican Brewery Celebrates ‘Day of the Dead’ with a Typo


I think it’s great that Cervecería Mexicana has decided to celebrate Day of the Dead (and not Halloween) with a special DOA IPA sold exclusively in the United States. But if they were going to give gringos a lesson about how to properly celebrate the scariest day of the year, they might as well have taught them -also- the importance of placing accents.

As everybody knows, we (i.e. The Mexicans) celebrate “día” de los muertos; not “dia.” At least when it comes to Spanish, typos really scare me.

CNN Can’t Tell Difference Between Curves and Love Handles

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.20.33 AM

I am not the one to criticize misleading headlines. After all, I use them all the time, for they can make all the difference between actually clicking on one story or ignoring it forever.

So, when I saw had a story about Latinos and our ‘curves,’ I couldn’t help but clicking on it (secretly hoping there would be a mention of big-butted Latinas like myself). To my disappointment, CNN was actually reporting on obesity, diabetes and other health-related issues, and not about my people’s real curves like these ones here or here.

It looks to me the above photograph is more suited for a story about Latinos and how we’re basically doomed by our penchant for American fast-food -the only type affordable in this day and age. [To CNN’s credit though, I must confess my curves are starting to look more and more like llantas, but, well, that’s another story.]

Speaking of National Taco Day and Clueless Fox News Hosts

As I was saying…… today is National Taco Day, so it was a perfect opportunity for a clueless Fox News host to ask his Nicaraguan colleague -whom he actually thought was Colombian- to discuss tacos (because, after all, all Latinos were brought up eating tacos. I know I did.)

I’m super busy to go hunt for the original video and post it here but you can always click below and see this masterpiece in the following link.

Fox News asks Nicaraguan meteorologist to host ‘Taco Day’ segment: ‘You grew up on tacos’ (via Raw Story )

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Friday said he assumed that the network’s Latina meteorologist “grew up on tacos,” even though it is not a traditional food in her native country of Nicaragua. To celebrate National Taco Day, Fox & Friends asked…

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Daft Punk Comes Out of Mexican Closet… At Last!


Please don’t pretend you don’t know Daft Punk’s Lucky is a song about Uruapan and Mexican Lucky stuff.

This is clear from the French duo’s very Mexican lyrics.

Like the legend of the Phoenix,
All ends with beginnings.
What keeps the planets spinning,
The force from the beginning.

We’ve come too far
To give up who we are,
So let’s raise the bar
And our cups to the stars.

She’s up all night to the sun,
I’m up all night to get some.
She’s up all night for good fun,
I’m up all night to get lucky.

We’re up all night to the sun,
We’re up all night to get some.
We’re up all night for good fun,
Uruapan Mexican Lucky

Uruapan Mexican Lucky.

Uruapan Mexican Lucky.

Uruapan Mexican Lucky.

Here’s the full Spanish-language version, via @gabardina:

The t-shirt is -of course- the work of the always brilliant Máscara de Látex.

Photo and h/t: Richo González