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Obama Courts ‘Influential Hispanics,’ Fails to Invite this Blogger to White House Gathering

President Barack Obama is smart enough to know that it takes more than eating a burrito and posing next to some Mariachi-clad dude to court U.S. Hispanics. That is why, POTUS this week lured a bunch of “influencial” Hispanics to the … Continue reading

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If This Doesn’t Get Me on the ‘Special Guest’ List at the Royal Wedding, I Don’t Know What Will

My friends think it’s too late, but I still think El Chicharito and myself have a pretty good chance of making it to the April 29th event. I will keep you posted. P.S. And no; this is not Photoshoped. I … Continue reading

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Pure Street Poetry… Mexico City Style

The area around our local hospital in San Pedro de los Pinos, with the busy ins and outs of sick people, nurses, doctors and equipment providers is also a hotbed for food entrepreneurs. How can anyone not love Mexico? Photo: … Continue reading

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¡Que Pase el Desgraciado! … Laura Bozzo Weighs In On Cuba’s Leadership Changes

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Chileans Trick Taco-Eating Mexicans [Myself Included] into Drinking Bad Wine

Minutes upon arriving to Mexico City, my brother took me to our local wine store where I was surprised to find Taquero, a Chilean wine designed specifically to cater to our tacos-eating habit. The verdict: Chileans should stick to making … Continue reading

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‘Call of Juárez: The Cartel’ Out Against all Odds

If you thought Ubisoft’s brilliant idea to release a Juarez-themed videogame was only a bad joke, think again. The game is out and you can watch a preview right below. Hat tip: Adictivo

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A Latina Has been Named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. [And No, it’s Not Me]

This is getting annoying: Not content with snubbing me for its 15 Most Influential Hispanics edition, Time Inc.-owned People magazine this year failed to consider this blogger among the candidates to the title of the Most Beautiful Woman in the Whole … Continue reading

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