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Yahoo!Telemundo Doesn’t Think I’m Hot Enough

Remember how pissed I was when People en Español didn’t pick me as one of its 100 Most Influential Latinos? Well, this time it was Yahoo!Telemundo’s turn to dash my hopes. Today, the Spanish-language joint effort by Yahoo and Telemundo … Continue reading

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Caution: Fiddlers on the Road

Guatemalans take their Latin roots very seriously, especially when it comes to their music. So much so, that they even need to warn drivers about musicians crossing the road. Photo: Laura Martínez (Guatemala City, June 2008.)


Wondering Where I am?

OK, Ok… I am NOT the chic in the picture, nor could I ever sport such a figure (especially not after gulping down my Latino-themed mango yogurt and not eating enough tomatillos.) But if you look past Miss Guatemala here, … Continue reading


My Latino-Themed Yogurt Tasted Only Like Fruit

Driving back from Poughkeepsie the other day (no, I didn’t go there looking for the now infamous Sex & The City pudding) I stopped by at a road store, where I spotted this Latino-themed delicacy. Intrigued, I bought it immediately, … Continue reading

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McCain Has a Plan to Burn Our Babies

Upon learning that the Hispanic population continues to growth at a dramatic speed, and that Hispanic babies now represent 24% of the nation’s total, the Republican presidential candidate had this to say:

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Grab your Sombreros! We’re Off to Beijing

What’s the point of bitching about stereotypes when everybody knows that the first thing a Mexican athlete packs before going to the Olympics is a sombrero? Yes, my friends. This is the official garb of the 81 athletes who will … Continue reading

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Beware of Geeky-Looking Latino Kids

And speaking of risky behavior and Hispanic teens, the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, has just launched a series of Spanish-language PSA’s targeting parents and urging them to talk to their kids about the … Continue reading

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Hispanics Give Teens a Very, Very Bad Name

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week reported that risky behavior among teenagers continues to decline, with fewer adolescents drinking, smoking or having sex in 2007 than their peers did in 1991. Yupi! But don’t rush -yet- to … Continue reading

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Headline -and Photo- of the Week

Never mind “hacer historia” is really not a proper Spanish-language phrase, nor an accurate translation of “to make history”. This week is Superman Barack’s week and it should go down in the historia just like this.

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Wanna Cheap Gas? Tijuana Is Where It’s At

Not long ago, we learned that many Americans were flocking to Mexico in search of cheap dental treatment. Well, now they’re at it again -this time looking for cheap fuel. Bob Hansen, a reporter with the local NBC affiliate in … Continue reading

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Where Are the Mexicans When You Need Them?

I am sure you are all too busy savoring Clinton’s victory in Puerto Rico (or at least her dancing) to know this, but a group of Muslim workers claim they were fired by a New Brighton, Minneapolis tortilla factory for … Continue reading

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