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Mexico First Lady not Regal, nor Maternal: ‘Washington Post’

UPDATE: This story has been updated to add a video of Mexico First Lady speaking -in depth- about her butt and her method to decrease the horniness. There is already talk of “controversy” around the July 2014 issue of Marie Claire Mexico … Continue reading

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Pssst, Americans: This is How you Celebrate a Goal

#COL GOAL CELEBRATION DANCE DOT GIF. — Jeff D Lowe (@JeffDLowe) junio 19, 2014 via: @JeffDLowe Oh, did I mention this advice also applies to the Europeans?

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San Memo Graces Chicago’s ‘Hoy’ Front Page

More from Mexico’s awesome tie with five-time World Cup winner Brazil here (in Spanish) Hat tip: @fitzbeat

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AP: Santos Wins Re-election in Columbia, not Colombia

From the #ItsColombiaNotColumbia department. Hat tip: @gabosama

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Karl Marx Has Message for Mexican Youth

A more modern -and way more challenging- variation of the famous “Workers of the world, Unite!” rallying cry was found this week in the walls of Mexico City. Photo: Laura Martínez, Mexico City.

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Come to Mexico: We’ll Put you in a Nice Hotel, and have Indians Dance Around you

The latest campaign promoting Oaxaca’s famed Guelaguetza Dance Festival trumps over any other cringeworthy images depicting my country’s relationship with its Indians. Watch as a light-skinned Mexican young lady strolls around Oaxaca (smartphone in tow) snapping pictures of affable, festive Indians dancing around her, even while … Continue reading

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‘El Diario’ Launches New Design, Adds Hashtags, Because Why Not?

Apparently the big news in the world of Spanish-language media today is the redesign of New York City’s venerable daily El Diario La Prensa. The announcement comes on the heels of major executive and editorial changes at the impreMedia-owned newspaper; … Continue reading

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