Mexico First Lady not Regal, nor Maternal: ‘Washington Post’


UPDATE: This story has been updated to add a video of Mexico First Lady speaking -in depth- about her butt and her method to decrease the horniness.

There is already talk of “controversy” around the July 2014 issue of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin American magazine, featuring Mexico’s first lady Angélica Rivera Peña alongside daughter Sofía Castro.

According to Robin Givhan, of The Washington Post, Rivera’s pose is not only “startling,” “provocative,” and “sexy,” but it clearly contrasts with contained images of U.S. first ladies, who tend to be more “regal” and/or “maternal” and pose in a way that they deny their own bodies.

Per Givhan piece:

“For an American woman who steps into the role of first lady, the body must be denied. It can’t be too exposed. Too strong.  Too overtly sexual. Beauty is acceptable — even expected. But that most intimate expression of self — sex appeal, sexuality — is off limits.” 

I totally agree, but calling Rivera un-regal, un-maternal purely based on the Marie Claire photo shoot, is not historically correct. The Washington Post -and all the other media that I’m sure will follow suit- would be well advised to look at other, more accurate portrayals of our our telenovela-actress-turned-first-lady.

You know… those from the time when we simply knew her as La Gaviota and she was more into bikinis than politics.



Come to Mexico: We’ll Put you in a Nice Hotel, and have Indians Dance Around you

How nice! I can just lie down here, have a fruit salad and have Indians dance right in front of me

The latest campaign promoting Oaxaca’s famed Guelaguetza Dance Festival trumps over any other cringeworthy images depicting my country’s relationship with its Indians.

Watch as a light-skinned Mexican young lady strolls around Oaxaca (smartphone in tow) snapping pictures of affable, festive Indians dancing around her, even while she enjoys a refreshing beverage in the patio of her hotel.

"I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!"
“I can even have an Indian making me look pretty just like her!”

I seriously thought at first this was a joke. Alas, it is not and the campaign is on the air an in full swing, as the Guelaguetza kicks off July 21.

via: Despertar de Oaxaca

‘El Diario’ Launches New Design, Adds Hashtags, Because Why Not?

The new 'El Diario.' Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures
The new ‘El Diario.’ Just like the regular Diario but with hashtags and bigger pictures

Apparently the big news in the world of Spanish-language media today is the redesign of New York City’s venerable daily El Diario La Prensa.

The announcement comes on the heels of major executive and editorial changes at the impreMedia-owned newspaper; changes that have been the subject of harsh criticism, including this commentary by Ángelo Falcón, who claims the 101-year-old brand is undergoing a “Reconquista” of sorts.

Regardless, El Diario‘s new design –according to its owners–  “greatly enhances reader experience for its iconic brand,” and represents “a renewed commitment to better address the needs of the Latino community.”

All that sounds peachy, but judging from the video below, the new Diario will bring our community bigger pictures and tons of hashtags, because, Twitter, you know?

Note: I have not yet bought my print copy. I will do so later today and will keep you guys posted.