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What to do with $1 billion

Upon Univision’s $13-billion-sale (which was completed today), disgruntled partner/content provider Grupo Televisa on Thursday announced it sold its minority interest in the U.S. Spanish-language network for about $1.1 billion. And though I’m sure Televisa’s Chairman Emilio Azcárraga Jean (above) has … Continue reading

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Not that kind of Mexican

I am officially depressed. It turns out marketing research firms do not want anything to do with me. Imagine how happy I was this morning when my friend Mercedes forwarded me the following posting from Craigslist: Needed Mexican women for … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

You can be short, a little fat and completely void of talent, but if your Spanish is poor you can kiss your beauty crown good-bye. That was in a nutshell the bitter experience of a poor Orlando girl who travelled … Continue reading

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Univisión ¿sin barreras?

For a second, I thought there was some kind of mistake. Tonight, while watching Univision’s newest telenovela, Destilando Amor, I found myself reading subtitles in Spanish while the actors (all Mexicans, of course) were engaged in long conversations in English. I’m still not familiar … Continue reading


The ABC of accents and eñes

Kudos to fellow journalist Luis Clemens, whose most recent posting is a brilliant showcase of what happens when writers and editors who do not speak Spanish (and do not understand the Hispanic market) are assigned to write or edit stories on … Continue reading

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Harvard’s Hall of Shame

The editors of 02138, the glossy magazine “of and for Harvard graduates” published by media mogul David Bradley, have unveiled the inaugural Harvard Hubris Hall of Fame in its spring issue.  The list, described as a collection of “the most egregious cases of … Continue reading


The world’s funniest Press Conference

I want to thank my cousin Manolo, who wrote from Galicia to share this video with me. Hands down, it is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time, and what makes it even better is the … Continue reading

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