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Finally! Food Makers Understand the Importance of Marketing Columbian Stuff

It was just a matter of time before food makers jumped on the Columbia-trend-wagon. See? First the Washington Post wrote a story about Columbia’s Free Trade Agreement and then CBS called Shakira the ‘Columbian Carrie Bradshaw.’ And now, Nuestro Queso, … Continue reading

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Having Secured the Miss Universe Crown, Jimena Navarrete Goes for the Green [Card]

I told you, people… But sometimes you just don’t listen: Getting your U.S. residency can be as easy as becoming Miss Universe first. Consider newly minted Jimena Navarrete of Mexico, who was seeing chatting away cozily with immigration attorney Michael … Continue reading

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Mexican Wins Miss Universe Title. Americans Fret Over How Many Babies She’ll be Dropping

Despite the above costume (or perhaps because of it) a young Mexican holds the title of this year’s Miss Universe. A native of Guadalajara, Jimena Navarrete is only 22 and expected to move to New York City some time soon… … Continue reading

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Yakult Wants You to Have Fun With Your Intestine

Talk about a gutsy commercial! Yakult’s first Spanish-language effort -via Siltanen & Partners Agency– features a very happy-looking woman, who apparently loooooves hanging out with her large intestine. Not only she wakes up with this thing in her bed, but … Continue reading

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These are Mexican Aliens You Should be Scared of

If you needed one more reason to fear “The Mexicans” consider this: not content with dropping babies all over the place, we are ready to take over by having our very own extraterrestrial creatures invade North America. At least that’s … Continue reading

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Salma Wants You to Help Mexico, Because She Is Too Busy Living Between Paris and Beverly Hills

Mrs. Hayek-Pinault set some time aside in her busy agenda to star in this spot (filmed in Los Angeles) advising her paisanos to stop complaining and help Mexico become, like, a better place. “Don’t ask what Mexico can do for … Continue reading

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OMG! Even Jorge Ramos Thinks His Skin Color Could Get Him into Trouble in Arizona

If you are still unconvinced about how bad things are in Arizona, consider this. Even our very own Jorge Ramos, Univision’s cute-as-a-button, blond and blue-eyed news anchor, fears he could be stopped in Arizona because of the color of his … Continue reading

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