Still Can’t Cut a Damn Avocado? The Flexicado is Here to Help

Undeterred by the imminent danger posed by life-threatening avocados, non-Mexican hipsters simply refuse to give up their fascination with avo-toast (i.e. pan con aguacate) and other nonsensical avo-related things. So, they have come up with a solution…

I give you the Flexicado, an “avocado slicer” that will fit all sizes of avocados and –hopefully– will put an end to avocado-related injuries.

Filing this under #PinchesHipsters

Hat tip: San Francisco avocado correspondent Jessica Dolcourt

There’s a Taco Bell Hotel in the Works and I Can’t Even

Not content with giving the mighty taco a VERY BAD NAME, Taco Bell is close to opening The Bell, a Taco Bell-themed pop-up hotel, which has some people really excited –for some reason.

According to an inexplicably long news article about this thing:

At 10am PT on June 27 you will be able to book your stay at The Bell. The first check-ins for the four-day pop-up begin on August 8. There’s no minimum stay, so you can even just pop in for a single evening.

Activities will include the brand’s Freeze Lounge, live performances from artists and –wait for it– a salon offering taco-inspired nail art.

Send in the nukes. I’m ready….

Via: Desert Sun

Trump, Still Strong Among Grammatically-Challenged Latinos

While president Donald Trump claims that his crusade for more border security and the construction of a southern border wall have made his popularity rise among Hispanics, pollsters consulted by Politico and other media outlets have put those numbers into question. Not only that, a closer look to recent polls show holes in the methodology and show that Hispanic support for the president is not really on the rise.

Percentages and polls aside, Latinos and Latinas (or as some like to say “Latinx”) who still support the president would be well-advised to proofread their Spanish-language messages.

Via: @stonecold2050

Last time I checked, the correct Spanish translation of Latinos for Trump was Latinos por Trump and not Latinos PARA Trump” as some will have you believe. But I guess they don’t really care, do they? Heck, they even have their own t-shirts!

No, Australia, We Don’t Want your Hideous Pineapple Burrito

Turns out June 27 is World Pineapple Day (for some reason) so Australian fast-food chain Mad Mex decided to release its first pineapple burrito, a “limited edition” thing that –thank God– will be available only in Australia.

In an unnecessarily long news article, Mad Mex CEO Clovis Young said “he was prepared for the public backlash,” but wanted to help answer the question of whether pineapple should be a staple in Mexican food.

OK, Mr. Clovis Young, here’s your answer. Yes, we’ll allow some pineapple (maybe) in a VERY GOOD set of tacos al pastor made in Mexico, by real Mexican taqueros. So no, it shouldn’t be a part of that hideous thing you dare call a “Mexican staple food.”

You are welcome.


Carolina Herrera Vows to Make Sarapes Great Again!


Move over Michael Kors’ jerga fashion, the next big thing in Mexican-inspired fashion comes courtesy of Carolina Herrera, who is launching her “unique” Mexico-inspired collection.

According to Atlanta-born Wes Gordon, creative director of the Carolina Herrera brand, the 2020 Mexico collection draws its inspiration from the traditional “sarape, embroidered flowers and the cempasúchitl flower to bring to life one of the most vibrant –and visually rich– Carolina Herrera collections.” TRANSLATION: It’s basically another case of ripping off the traditional embroidery and designs of local indigenous peoples.

Please note that the models are NOT inspired on the looks of said indigenous peoples… 



Photo via Vogue México

Mexican Official Eats Peanuts During Washington Meeting; Hilarity Ensues

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week met with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and other Mexican envoys to discuss a proposal by President Trump to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican goods. But the urgency –and gravity– of the matter did not stop one of Ebrard’s spokespeople to enjoy a few peanuts, on a napkin, while at the negotiating table.

By Wednesday morning, a photo of Roberto Velasco Álvarez, spokesperson of the Mexican Foreign Ministry (SRE) quickly went viral by Mexican Twitter using the hashtag #LordCacahuates (Lord Peanuts,) following a Mexican Twitter tradition of calling Lords and Ladies doing “weird stuff.”

Here are some of the best memes I could find on Wednesday morning…

Vampipe, siempre Vampipe

Tacos, anyone?

Now, that’s better

Su Boing y su pizza

They were not even the good ones

Leave this guy eat alone