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‘Captain Mexico’ Kicks Hitler’s Ass. Shields Himself With Huge Sombrero

First it was Burger King and its now infamous Texican Whopper. Then came Cadbury Schweppes with its mariachi-shaped flu protection device. And now Jimmy Kimmel is pissing off some touchy Mexicans with Captain Mexico, starring -who else?- Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo, a native of Zacatecas. Captain … Continue reading

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Understanding the $71-Billion ‘Multicultural Tourist’

I just learned today that when Latinos and African-Americans travel we contribute to some huge, rapidly growing market known as “multicultural tourism.” At least that is according to Kim Hunter, the CEO of  Lagrant Communications, a P.R. and marketing firm. … Continue reading

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DNC Launches Spanish-language TV Spot. Could Use Some Spanish-language Copy Editing

The Democratic National Committee (NDC) on Friday launched its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring President Obama and the Democratic Party as the only ones out there who protect the interests of Latino families in the U.S. So far so good. … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder What a Hispanic Vagina Sounds Like?

Well, in case you didn’t know, a Hispanic vagina likes to complain about your tacky leopard thong; constantly screams ay, ay, ay! and says some other inexplicable stuff like Esta tanga es la cosa más chabacano que he visto en … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Another Bad Latin-themed Movie

If it weren’t for the promise of a hot kissing session between Kate del Castillo and Eva Longoria, I wouldn’t have paid attention to the upcoming release of Without Men, a romantic cliché comedy of sorts starring Longoria, my favorite retroacculturated Latina and … Continue reading

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Andrés Cantor Spices Up GEICO Commercial

I love the way the gringo announcer says “Andres Cantor.” Priceless

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‘Father Albert’ Premieres on Fox… And He Wants you Not to be Fooled by his Outfit

Father Albert (aka El socerdote, ahem, I mean, sacerdote) is back on the television scene, this time as host of Father Albert Show a new show on Fox, which premieres today and promises lots of juicy, scandalous stuff (probably not … Continue reading

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