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‘Captain Mexico’ Kicks Hitler’s Ass. Shields Himself With Huge Sombrero

First it was Burger King and its now infamous Texican Whopper. Then came Cadbury Schweppes with its mariachi-shaped flu protection device. And now Jimmy Kimmel is pissing off some touchy Mexicans with Captain Mexico, starring -who else?- Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo, a native of Zacatecas. Captain … Continue reading

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Understanding the $71-Billion ‘Multicultural Tourist’

I just learned today that when Latinos and African-Americans travel we contribute to some huge, rapidly growing market known as “multicultural tourism.” At least that is according to Kim Hunter, the CEO of  Lagrant Communications, a P.R. and marketing firm. … Continue reading

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DNC Launches Spanish-language TV Spot. Could Use Some Spanish-language Copy Editing

The Democratic National Committee (NDC) on Friday launched its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring President Obama and the Democratic Party as the only ones out there who protect the interests of Latino families in the U.S. So far so good. … Continue reading

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Ever Wonder What a Hispanic Vagina Sounds Like?

Well, in case you didn’t know, a Hispanic vagina likes to complain about your tacky leopard thong; constantly screams ay, ay, ay! and says some other inexplicable stuff like Esta tanga es la cosa más chabacano que he visto en … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: Another Bad Latin-themed Movie

If it weren’t for the promise of a hot kissing session between Kate del Castillo and Eva Longoria, I wouldn’t have paid attention to the upcoming release of Without Men, a romantic cliché comedy of sorts starring Longoria, my favorite retroacculturated Latina and … Continue reading

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Andrés Cantor Spices Up GEICO Commercial

I love the way the gringo announcer says “Andres Cantor.” Priceless

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‘Father Albert’ Premieres on Fox… And He Wants you Not to be Fooled by his Outfit

Father Albert (aka El socerdote, ahem, I mean, sacerdote) is back on the television scene, this time as host of Father Albert Show a new show on Fox, which premieres today and promises lots of juicy, scandalous stuff (probably not … Continue reading

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Why do Americans Have to Copy Everything from Their Southern Neighbors?

As if I didn’t know where the Atlantis crew got their inspiration for such colorful suits… Photo composition: Laura Martinez (All rights reserved) LOL

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Today in Hispanic Media: Penis’ Sizes and Stuff

Hat tip (NO PUN INTENDED:) José Simián

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Attention Food Marketers! Delfín Will Make Your TV Commercial Truly Sublime

If you are in the advertising, or food marketing business, you’d better get acquainted with Ecuador’s singing sensation El Delfín, whose “Andean techno-folklore” style will help your next TV spot truly unforgettable. Behold this advertising jewel via Maruri Grey, which … Continue reading

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Descuento Libre Will Get You a Discount on ‘Conchas’ and Mexican Dancing Shows

I love it when marketers go out of their way to make their products relevant to us, Latinos. Take Descuento Libre, which is already being coined as the “Latino Groupon” and offers all sorts of discounts, including deals in your … Continue reading

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McCormick Launches Major Hispanic Push. I Suggest They Hire Pedro Solá as Spokesperson

If food giant McCormick is serious about its recent Hispanic marketing push, it should seriously consider bringing Ventaneando’s Pedro Solá as spokesperson. Just watch him trying to spice up his salad with McCormick, ahem, Hellman’s.

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