‘Captain Mexico’ Kicks Hitler’s Ass. Shields Himself With Huge Sombrero

First it was Burger King and its now infamous Texican Whopper. Then came Cadbury Schweppes with its mariachi-shaped flu protection device. And now Jimmy Kimmel is pissing off some touchy Mexicans with Captain Mexico, starring -who else?- Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo, a native of Zacatecas.

Captain Mexico kicks Hitler’s ass and shields himself with a huge sombrero, because, really, what else was he going to protect himself with?

Watch, enjoy and let the madness begin.

Otro hat tip al manito, que parece que sólo me da hat tips de sombrerazos


Understanding the $71-Billion ‘Multicultural Tourist’

I just learned today that when Latinos and African-Americans travel we contribute to some huge, rapidly growing market known as “multicultural tourism.”

At least that is according to Kim Hunter, the CEO of  Lagrant Communications, a P.R. and marketing firm.  As Mr. Hunter informs us, “African-American and Hispanic traveling behaviors have steadily been on the rise.”

But that is not all. Some research (somewhere) also shows that:

“Hispanics were also willing to spend $71 billion in traveling.”

This, I guess, is mostly because when it comes to our vacation, we are a very willful bunch.

But if marketers really, really want to take advantage of such an important market, they’d better start by understanding that we do not travel like everybody else. No, señor: While both, African Americans and Hispanics want to go somewhere “they will be accepted,” African-Americans travel with their churches, while Hispanics travel with their children.

[I suppose this leaves non-Hispanic whites making the pilgrimage to Cancún, childless and mostly willing to get wasted on bad tequila shots.]

DNC Launches Spanish-language TV Spot. Could Use Some Spanish-language Copy Editing

The Democratic National Committee (NDC) on Friday launched its first Spanish-language TV spot, featuring President Obama and the Democratic Party as the only ones out there who protect the interests of Latino families in the U.S.

So far so good. But while it bluntly attacks the Republicans for slashing Medicare, it also blasts them for supporting the bajadas of the taxes… Bajadas?!!!

This blogger applauds DNC’s efforts and bluntly offers them help with their Spanish copy: Would you guys mind doing a little editing before airing stuff? Digo, yo.

‘Father Albert’ Premieres on Fox… And He Wants you Not to be Fooled by his Outfit

Father Albert (aka El socerdote, ahem, I mean, sacerdote) is back on the television scene, this time as host of Father Albert Show a new show on Fox, which premieres today and promises lots of juicy, scandalous stuff (probably not as juicy and scandalous as his own, but we’ll see.)

I am told the very first episode will revolve around Father Alberto’s own fall from grace, which happened not when he decided to confess his “love” for some woman, but was caught canoodling at the beach with her.

Attention Food Marketers! Delfín Will Make Your TV Commercial Truly Sublime

If you are in the advertising, or food marketing business, you’d better get acquainted with Ecuador’s singing sensation El Delfín, whose “Andean techno-folklore” style will help your next TV spot truly unforgettable.

Behold this advertising jewel via Maruri Grey, which –not surprisingly– has earned plenty of advertising awards in its native Ecuador.

Descuento Libre Will Get You a Discount on ‘Conchas’ and Mexican Dancing Shows

I love it when marketers go out of their way to make their products relevant to us, Latinos.

Take Descuento Libre, which is already being coined as the “Latino Groupon” and offers all sorts of discounts, including deals in your next purchase of conchas at your local Mexican panadería, or on the admission to a Mexican dancing show.

Because really, what else can we possibly want to save on?