Columbia or Colombia? That Is the Question…

After years of living in the U.S. and hearing such wonderful things about Columbian starsColumbian telenovelas or the Columbian economy, I made the wise decision to move close to the neighborhood. Alas, all I found there was a bunch of young people carrying books, going up and down some stairs and looking quite anxious about something.

Then I realized there was yet another Columbia, one that apparently is farther away, but promises to be a bit more fun.

Colombia, it seems, is actually a country in South America (whoa!) so this blogger is determined to give that one a chance.

My sources tell me I will not be able to find Queso “columbiano,” over there, but I think I’ll manage. [You cannot have your queso and eat it too, right?]

All this to say: This blog will be on vacation for a while, though I promise to check back real soon and let you know if the other Colombia was worth the wait.