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Seesaws at the Border Let Children on Both Sides Play with Each Other –Because Screw Walls

Ronald Rael, an architect and anti-border wall campaigner,  has installed three pink seesaws on the US-Mexico border to allow families on each side to ‘meaningfully connect’ with each other. Needless to say, this is sad and beautiful at the same … Continue reading

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Tiny Mexican Hitting an ICE Piñata Is Truly Therapeutic

Say what you will about my people (i.e. The Mexicans) but they truly know how to let off some steam without being, like, super violent. Take this children’s party in Chicago, where tiny, adorable children (like this cutie in a … Continue reading

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Because… What Else Where you Going to Call your Bar?

Move over, Pollería Cibercafé, here comes the one and only “Bar Sinso,” featuring a drunk, but happy “Bar Sinso” (aka Bart Simpson.) Via: Reddit

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Portland Is Hosting a Topless Taco Festival, Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

In an effort to raise funds –and awareness– around breast cancer, Portland is hosting a… Topless Taco Festival where visitors are encouraged to come topless for the tacos and booty short-clad for the burritos. And no, unfortunately this is not … Continue reading

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At Last, the Complete Set of Mexican Emojis in One Image

I’m almost certain that the readers of this blog will be able to identify all of these (otherwise, shame on you!). Needless to say, this blogger’s favorites are El subcomandante, the torta and the trompo al pastor. Still, hit me with questions (i.e. … Continue reading

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