French’s Mustard is so Spicy, You’ll Want to Wear a ‘Sombrero’ and Shake Some Maracas Around

Remember French’s Mariachi serenade? Well, the makers of this made believe mustard fine product are at it again, this time doning a pair of maracas and Mariachi hat to some white chick who seems to be so excited about the mustard, that she feels like shaking her butt like a Mexican.

But… I have a problem with that.

See? Mexicans don’t really wear mariachi hats on a daily basis, and those of us who do, would never -EVER- use a pair or maracas to go with it. That is what a guitarrón is for!

But then again, her outfit is as Mexican as the mustard is French, so we’re cool.

Photo & hat tip: @SaraChicaD

It’s Downtown vs. Uptown: ‘Men in White’ are not All Created Equal

It is Fleet Week in Manhattan, señores, and this blogger went out to flirt do some serious research about sailors and the like.

The city was taken May 23 with men and women in uniform, wandering New York City’s streets in search of some grounded fun after months at sea. After an entire afternoon flirting with photographing the Men in White around downtown, I went back to my humble home all the way uptown to find yet another group of men in white.

The latter, though, were not coming off a warship or anything, but seemed to be busy waiting for work outside my local bodega.



As for these fellows’ white  outfit… well, I still have to figure that one out.

¡Órale! Here’s How to Get a Free Pizza in the States

Remember Pizza Patrón? the Texan pizzeria that caused a major brouhaha for saying it would accept Mexican pesos as payment?

Well, the marketing geniuses behind the pizzeria’s fabulous success are at it again, this time offering a free large pepperoni pizza for every customer that orders in Spanish. Per a company press release:

On Tuesday, June 5th from 5pm to 8pm, Pizza Patrón is launching its PIZZA POR FAVOR™ event at restaurants nationwide. Every customer that orders in Spanish will receive a free large pepperoni pizza, which is the company’s top-selling product. Free pizzas are limited to one per customer between 5pm and 8pm, at participating locations, while supplies last.

This is freaking brilliant, and this blogger can’t wait for June 5th to place her order.

I just have one question, though: Can I get not one, but TWO free pepperoni pizzas if I order Una pinche pizza por favor?

Thank you, Pizza Patrón, in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Are you a Hispanic Graduate? Go Get your Hispanic Stole and Show your Pride: ¡Ajúa!

Is your name Mario, Lupita or José and you’re about to graduate in the U.S.? Worry no more! Prime Heritage offers a wide range of graduation ‘serapes’ [SIC] for the Latino achiever in you.

According to Prime Heritage’s website, the company’s mission is clear:

“To offer each graduate, regardless of nationality, fraternity/ sorority affiliation, race or ethnicity the opportunity to express pride in his/her achievement and heritage at graduation.” 

I don’t know about you, but think this is an awesome idea, because you don’t only want people to see you graduated but you can show your true colors by wearing these things and yell ‘Ajúa’ as you throw your graduation cap.

Heck, they even have a Facebook fan page for you to like their designs. So what are you waiting for?

Hat tip: @andycheco

Lucy? Betty?… No, Says MundoFox, ¡Es Lutty!

When MundoFox executives took up the stage Wednesday afternoon to unveil programming initiatives, they knew the audience had had enough:

My department did a little research, and it concluded that -by now- you have been exposed to about 320,000 hours of upfront presentations,” joked Tom Maney, the svp of advertising sales at Fox Hispanic Media. Damn, right, Tom, I’m not sure it was exactly 320,000 hours, but it certainly felt like it.

In any case, I’m happy to report the folks over at MundoFox spared us a Hollywood sign stunt. Instead, they introduced the audience to the new reality in programming embraced by Latinos; one that mixes the two worlds -and languages- in which we move around. Thus, Lucy/Betty/Betty/Lucy… ES-LUTTY!*

*NOTE: Not to be pronounced as ‘slutty.’ Thank you for your cooperation.

Which TV Network is the ‘Hispanic Hollywood’? Executives Managed to Confuse this Blogger

Hispanic TV upfront week is a wonderful thing, especially when you get the chance to hear all kinds of wonderful pitches by competing networks.

Tuesday morning, for example, I learned from Univision’s President César Conde that Televisa is actually the Hollywood of Hispanics, which was, like, ‘oh, how cool,’ or whatever … Yet, barely five hours later, in another theatre not far from there, Telemundo’s COO Jacqueline Hernández came onstage to give us this…

WTH? I mean, it’s OK to treat journalists with bellinis for breakfast and non-stop bashes for four days straight, but please don’t confuse us even more with these stunts. I yet have to figure out which the real “Hispanic Hollywood” really is, but I have a very stubborn resaca to take care of first.

So please bear with me, and I promise to find an answer for you real soon… or not.

Are you a Fan of Pleonasms and Redundancies? There’s an ‘App’ for that!

I love it when creators go out of their way to find catchy names for their innovative products. Take Biblioteca de Libros [sic] an iTunes app that lets you download tons of -what else?- books!

This blogger just got a fantastic idea for other ‘apps,’ which I will be submitting soon to Apple’s iTunes. Are you ready?

Vinoteca de vinos

Heladería de helados

Paletería de paletas

Zapatería de zapatos

Pollería de pollos