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This Restaurant Sells a Pablo Escobar-themed Burger –and Fox News Writes Columbia, not Colombia

A pop-up burger restaurant in Australia thought it was a great idea to peddle a Pablo Escobar-themed burger named –what else?– a Pablo Escoburger. The creation, which has drawn the fury of many across social media, is named after the infamous Colombian (NOT … Continue reading

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Yalitza Aparicio Gets ‘White Washed’ for Lenovo Commercial –and I Can’t Even

As of this writing, this blogger was currently busy editing (and desperately in search of a bottle of anxiety pills,) but I wanted you to know that this is happening and that I’m now speechless, I am without speech. Source: … Continue reading

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There’s a Yalitza Aparicio Piñata, Because Mexico!

Move over Kim Kardashian. The hottest piñata in town is now Roma‘s super star Yalitza Aparicio, which is reportedly on sale in Ciudad Juárez and –hopefully– selling like pan caliente. Filing this under #SurrealMexico, because –where else? Hat tip: David … Continue reading

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Avocados From Mexico Releases Super Bowl Commercial. It’s as Bad as Anything ‘Avo’ in America

Yeah, it’s that time of the year, when not content with punishing me with frigid temperatures –and plenty of avocado-hipster nonsense– corporate America starts releasing their Super Bowl teaser commercials. Enter the Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl spot, starring actress-I-had-never-heard-of … Continue reading

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Prayer Rugs, Tacos, Turbantes: It’s all Coming Together and you should be Freaking out!

Not content with informing the world that my people (i.e. the Mexicans) are nothing but a bunch of rapists and drug dealers, President Donald Trump is now expressing concerns about prayer rugs (PRAYER RUGS!) found on the Southern border. And this, my … Continue reading

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Americans Horrified to Learn about their ‘Mexican DNA’ in Hilarious Aeroméxico Campaign 😂

Aeroméxico is offering Americans hefty discounts to travel to Mexico. How hefty? Well, this depends –says Aeroméxico– on said Americans’ percentage of “Mexican heritage,” whatever this means. The problem? Judging from this new campaign (executed by Ogilvy), not all of … Continue reading

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Einstein, Beethoven, Mona Lisa… they’re Just Like Us; they Love Tortillas!

I found this jewel in a Mexico subreddit but I haven’t been able to determine where this is. My hunch says CDMX, but I don’t know for sure. Please Internet, do your thing and tell me where this is.