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Dobbs Promises Ramos the Exclusive About His Political Future [Well, After Telling Wife]

This past weekend, I was invited as a guest to Univision’s political weekly show Al Punto, hosted by veteran anchor Jorge Ramos. Little did I know I would end up sharing the hour-long program with one of Hispanics’ Bête noir, … Continue reading

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Don Francisco Wants You to Eat “Italian” Food

Ah…. marketing minds never stop working! In the latest effort to tap into Hispanics’ fat wallets -and even fatter selves– restaurant chain Olive Garden is sending Univision’s Don Francisco to Tuscany, because it’s there -and not on the Food Network- … Continue reading

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Texas School Urges Children to Study and Be ‘Seasoned’ Like a Beef Fajita

When it comes to our children education, no efforts should be spared… even if you live in Texas, whose Board of Education this month decided to re-write History. That is why Crockett Elementary School in Dallas last week hosted a … Continue reading

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Puerto Rican Man in New York, Pissed Because ‘Hispanic’ Is Not a Race

I thought I had heard everything about the 2010 Census, including NALEO’s efforts to get us off our tía’s couch and the Jesus-Caesar Augustus connection. But this one takes the cake: Turns out a Puerto Rican security guard in Bronx, … Continue reading

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How Do You Say Enrique Iglesias in Chinese?

I have no idea what this CD is all about, except that “Mr. Lglesias” has recorded something with someone presumably called Sarah Connor. Curious to learn more about this unconventional cover -and singing duo- I scourged the Internet for hours … Continue reading

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Salma Hayek Wants to Clean Your Guts… and Apparently Also Your Wallet

Not content with being married to, like, one of the richest men on the planet, Mexican bombshell Salma Hayek is launching Cooler Cleanse, a line of “hydraulically pressed cleansing juices” aimed at making us all look fabulous… just like her. … Continue reading

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U.S. ‘Taqueros’ Join Immigration Cause

I always knew there was nothing like a good taco to get people moving. That is why I was happy to learn about Tacos for Justice, an initiative launched by a group of food vendors to raise money towards the … Continue reading

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If This Doesn’t Make Latinos Fill Out Their Census Form, I Don’t Know What Will

Attention, Latinos! These ladies from Univision’s República Deportiva have a message for you: Will you stop staring at our cleavage and get yourself counted in the upcoming Census instead? Do you think you can do that? [click on the photo … Continue reading

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Tostitos Ad Makes Me Want to Move to Seville and Eat Lots of Fake Mexican Food

I’m sure you’ve read all the complaints about the Tostitos ad that premiered this year during the Super Bowl. Some bloggers have rightly stated that it only perpetuates the stereotypical image of Latin women, while others simply fail to see … Continue reading

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