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Univision Boasts -in English- that is Now Beats NBC With Spanish Programming

Univision was so happy that its flagship Spanish-language network beat NBC in the February sweeps, it launched an English-language TV spot to spread the news. The ad features some of the network’s most popular shows; a mix of music, soccer … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI to Surrender Ring; Keep Mexican Shoes

UPDATE: Thanks to my followers I learned Benedict will not necessarily wear his Mexican shoes on his last day (Feb. 28) but will “definitely” keep them upon his retirement. The Vatican today announced Benedict XVI will lose the Swiss Guard, … Continue reading

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The Only ‘Harlem Shake’ This Blog Will Ever Endorse

Hat tip: @aqwack

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This Whole Colombia-not-Columbia Thing is Getting Out of Control

Photo: Laura Martínez (109 & Broadway) #ItsColombiaNotColumbia

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This is What I got for Asking to Get Texas Back

So this morning, Piers Morgan tweeted this question to his 3.3 million followers: Despite my being about to take a nap, super busy, I suggested the following: This is what I got.

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‘The Guardian’ Uses Sombrero to Illustrate Story About Cycling in Mexico, Because, Why Not?

NOTE to British writers/bloggers for The Guardian: When unsure about how to  illustrate a story (or stories) regarding Mexico, Latin America or some other such place, go with a hat (any hat, really) and stay on the safe side. Cordially, … Continue reading

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‘Mami Silicón’ Is the Best Video You Will See in 2013

Of course, Mi Sexy Chambelán was the absolute favorite of 2012…

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Upon Helping America Re-elect Barack Obama, Eva Longoria Moves on to Pick New Potato Chip Flavor

Eva Longoria, this blogger’s favorite retro-acculturated Latina, might have been successful in her quest to get Barack Obama re-elected. But this time she needs your vote to accomplish something yet more significant -and potentially delicious: She wants your VOTE to … Continue reading

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ABC/Univision Announce the Birth of “Fusion.” Sounds Way Better than “Milán Piqué”

The folks over at ABC/Univision took advantage of the whole Let’s-Make-Fun-of-the-Pope thing to sneak in a late-afternoon press release announcing the name of their upcoming cable venture. The partners have settled on Fusion, which -in case you were wondering- is English for … Continue reading

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Kraft Adds Chorizo to Give Lasagna a “Latin Twist”

Don’t you just love it when marketers go out of their way to cater to our fine Hispanic palate? Here’s a video of a very cheerful person named Alison teaching us how to give a Latin twist to a regular, … Continue reading

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God Created a Farmer; RAM Made a Macho out of Juanes

Hispanic news outlets and bloggers continue to blast RAM’s God Created a Farmer for forgetting to acknowledge what “real farmers” in America are all about. What RAM critics fail to see is that the automaker’s Hispanic campaign actually features a “really … Continue reading

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Taco Bell Commercial Is Way Better than Taco Bell Food

Taco Bell, the food chain that brought you the Dori-Taco and other inedible stuff, charmed millions -me included- with a hilarious TV spot that broke during last night’s Super Bowl. Created by Deutsch, Viva Young features a group of ‘viejitos’ having a wild … Continue reading

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OMG You Guys! The Estefans Are Coming to Broadway

Well, not quite yet. But Estefan Enterprises and the Nederlander Organization today announced a plan “to develop and produce a new Broadway show inspired by the music made famous by Gloria Estefan and her husband musician/producer and entrepreneur Emilio Estefan.” Per … Continue reading

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