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A Tribute to The King of Pop, Corrido Style

From the same guy who brought us Barack Obama’s corrido (in English AND Spanish) now comes El Corrido de Michael Jackson. Enjoy –and don’t mind the words if you don’t understand them. It pretty much says he was the King … Continue reading

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Televisa Wants You to Know South Africans are a Bunch of Savages

Mexicans (and other Latin Americans for that matter) can be very touchy when they perceive they are being portrayed using stereotypes (hats, maracas, excessive soccer, mortal diseases… you name it). But -as my abuela used to say- we are often … Continue reading

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How to Sell Mexican ‘Food’ in Japan

Forget about Absolut Vodka and Burger King’s Texican Burger, the makers of Don Tacos have found a culturally-relevant (and insanely amusing) way to pitch “Mexican” food to the Japanese, with church and zapatería included. Watch, wear your sombrero, take a … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lopez Shutters Clothing Line. And Not Because It Looked Like This

It turns out JLo’s Made-in-China haut couture clothing line Sweetface has gone out of business. And -surprisingly enough- NOT because it looks like this, but because the economy kind of sucks. Go figure! According to WWD, this marks the end … Continue reading

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Kellogg’s Reaches Out to Hispanics by Adding Honey [and a Little BS] to Corn Flakes Cereal

Brilliant marketing minds just don’t seem to stop working… In its latest “branding breakthrough,” Kellogg’s is adding honey to its popular Corn Flakes cereal to target the Hispanic crowd (something this blogger is having a hard time to comprehend.) “Kellogg’s … Continue reading

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NBC: You Really Never Know Who Is Hispanic These Days

Wanna win a discontinued CD of The Miami Sound Machine? one ticket to Broadway’s Washington Heights for your abuela or a coupon for free café con leche at the bodega? Watch the following video and then try to answer the … Continue reading

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Is This What the New Dora is Up to These Days?

Just in time for Puerto Rico Day Parade in New York City, Dora the Explorer seems to be Livin’ la Vida Loca in West Harlem (with Sponge Bob, Barbie and Hello Kitty as untroubled witnesses) Ay, Caramba! Photo: Laura Martínez

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Happy Chinchilli Day! I’m Off to Vegas…

Well, not really… but I thought a hard-won victory over an army of Mexican gun-wielding chinchillas is a great excuse to take some time off. Ah… the wonders of advertising! Video: Las Vegas Tourism Board

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Queen Sofía Is Just Like Us! She Flies Low Cost

Low-cost airline Ryanair (yes, the same airline that is asking us to pay for using the loo) is somehow pissed at Queen Sofía of Spain after she and her Royal entourage managed to scrap a Ryanair print ad featuring the … Continue reading

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West Texas Mayor Quits Post, Moves to Mexico With Undocumented Lover

It looks like undocumented Mexican workers not only want to steal your jobs, but also your so-very-cute politicians. Just when we thought “coming out” was still not very “in” among some high-profile individuals, the mayor of a West Texas city … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien’s ‘Noches de Pasión’ Is Better, Funnier Than Real Telenovelas

more about ““Conando” Acknowledges His Spanish-Sp…“, posted with vodpod

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When Will Hispanic Delivery Boys Understand…

…that the residents of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, N.Y. do NOT want aviators to be dumped on their apartment buildings? Photo: José Simián

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No Kids? No Significant Other? Lots of Nieces and Nephews? Then You Must Be Gay

Not content with raising questions about Sonia Sotomayor’s politics (and despite the fact that nobody seems to be able to pronounce her name) the so-called mainstream media is now questioning her sexuality, because, you know, if you bring your mother … Continue reading

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This Is What I Call a Truly Multicultural Restaurant

New York City is so diverse, that we even have Cuban Favelas (no matter the concept makes absolutely no sense). At this cute little eatery in the West Village you can find -appropriately- guacamole nachos, huevos rancheros and other Brazilian-Cuban-Tex-Mex-gringo … Continue reading

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Make-Believe ‘Latin’ Food Can -and Will- Kill You

You can only thank the Center for Science in the Public Interest for its latest advisory against certain “meals” that will most likely kill you or, at least, leave your arteries as congested as the Periférico on a rainy Friday … Continue reading

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