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Swiss Entrepreneurs Create ‘Magical Machine’ to Make $1 Tortillas

And just when I thought technology couldn’t get any more ridiculous awesome, a group of sombrero-wearing geniuses hailing from Switzerland have invented Flatev, a machine that promises to deliver “fresh, authentic tortillas in seconds.” In seconds, people, SECONDS! And what’s the magic behind this thing? Pods, … Continue reading

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Advertising Agency Declares War on ‘The Hispanic Silo;’ Hires Two Hispanics Instead

A few days ago, New York-based advertising shop Anomaly made some Internet headlines by declaring war on “The Last Silo of the marketing communications landscape: The Hispanic Silo.” Per Anomaly’s own manifesto: Silos by their nature are bad. They stifle potential. They … Continue reading

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Here Is Salma Hayek Before Her ‘Latin Pride’ Became Huge

Call me crazy, but after watching this tape of Salma Hayek’s first audition ever, I am almost certain her Latin Pride wasn’t always as big as she wants us to believe. Regardless, the video below is pure gold. (The only thing possibly better might … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut’s ‘Ultimate Mexican Pizza’ Is a ‘Flavour Fiesta’ that Looks Disgusting

Remember McDonald’s German mariachi? Well, hold on to your sombreros, because now it’s Pizza Hut’s turn to give us yet another revolting concoction that it dares calling “Mexican.” Pizza Hut’s New Zealand is introducing the “Ultimate Mexican Pizza,” a “flavourful” combination of nachos, … Continue reading

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Edinburgh University Bans Costumes of ‘Mexicans, Gangsters and Mental Patients’

Pity the students at Edinburgh University. For reasons that escape this non-Scottish, freedom-of-speech-advocate Mexican blogger, students at this fine institution have been banned from wearing “offensive fancy dress costumes,” which according to said institution, include “Mexicans, gangsters, mental patients and camp men.” Per the University … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Sacred Anymore… Happy #MLKDay Y’all!

I guess this is what happens when you have insomnia and plenty of time — and Internet resources — at your disposal. ¡Feliz Día de Martin Luther King, pues!

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The Oscars Might be White, but the Oscar Statue Is Mexican

Thursday was not a good day for so-called “colored people” in the U.S., as the Oscar nominations were announced showing — once again — that the Academy is intent on nominating mostly white people. Best Actor in a leading role category? All white. … Continue reading

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#ChapoKate Is a Thing and to Prove it, Here are their Piñatas

The creators of the Donald Trump piñata are at it again, this time with an awesome combo: Two brand new piñatas, one featuring Kate del Castillo (aka La Reina del Sur and the toughest telenovela actress you will ever meet) and a revamped … Continue reading

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Mucus Loves Taco Tuesday; Vows to Wear Sombrero to Go out

I am not really a fan of mucus or mucus-related marketing, but this disgusting creature has earned a spot on this venerable blog, mostly because of his apparent love of tacos. Watch mucus as he gets ready for Taco Tuesday only to … Continue reading

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Jan. 9, 2016: Mexican Papers on the ‘Re-recapture’ of El Chapo

This bloggers favorite headline: “Y ahora sí, amárrenlo bien”. (This time… make sure to tie him real tight.)

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When it Comes to Italian Wine, there are Things I Just Won’t Try

I mean… Excuse-me? ¿Cómo dijo?  

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Get Over it. It’s the Parents Who don’t Exist

Oh, and one of the Three Kings might actually be Cuban…

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Mexico: Home of ‘Entrepreneurs’ — and ‘Quotation Marks’

Awwww, Mexico… The land of the coc nuts coold and the Special Chapo Coffee, is also ground zero for small businesses –and plenty of quotation marks. A recent trip to the Mexican states of Hidalgo, Querétaro and Guanajuato just confirmed what this … Continue reading

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No, America, the Taco Cleanse is not a Thing

For reasons I cannot even begin to fathom, four Austin, Texas, residents decided to eat tacos for three meals a day, for 30 days. The result? The Taco Cleanse, a new book by Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger … Continue reading

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