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Clinton on the Sacred Cloak: Who Painted This Thing?

And speaking of God and his many talents, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge one of his mightiest deeds. Ever. During her recent visit to Mexico City’s Basílica de Guadalupe, the Secretary of State was so mesmerized by the sacred cloak … Continue reading

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Elvis Crespo Wants You To Know He Didn’t Get Detained. No Word, Yet, on the ‘Other’ Stuff

It seems like Obama’s civic message delivered on Thursday during Univision’s Premio lo Nuestro compelled our favorite Puerto Rican handy-man to come out in the clear about what did and didn’t happen during a flight between Houston and Miami. Watch … Continue reading

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Obama to ‘Premio’ Viewers: ¡Sí, se puede!

My favorite moment of Univision’s Premio lo Nuestro was, of course, the Presidential message (even though he didn’t appear in a mariachi garb as I had hoped) Here it is: “Buenas noches. I want to thank the millions of you … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Joins Daddy Yankee, Fanny Lu, Don Omar and Others in Univision’s Music Extravaganza

Well, my friends, time has come for the nation’s president to be serious about U.S. Hispanics. Very serious. And that is why Barack Obama is taking a break from his busy schedule fixing AIG, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantánamo and other stuff … Continue reading

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Want to Denounce a Crime in Mexico? Call Your Local Bank

You gotta love Mexico’s politicians. As part of its ongoing fight against organized crime –and presumably in an effort to impress Hillary Clinton, who is paying a visit— the Mexican government this week set up a hot line for people … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Puts The Big Mac in a Tortilla. Seriously

Move over, McSkillet Burrito. Your favorite fat fast-food chain is testing the Snack Wrap Mac in several markets. The new culinary work of art is nothing but half a beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions –wrapped in a flour tortilla. … Continue reading

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Attention, Job Seekers: Foxy Lady is Hiring

For those of you still unable to find the address of the upcoming Job Fair in Manhattan, Illinois, there’s an easier way to find work (and it doesn’t even require to dress up. At all.) Foxy Lady, the Providence, R.I. … Continue reading

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Can’t Find Ecuador on a Map? You Must Be Reading Too Many Brazilian Text Books

A Brazilian publishing company charged with printing 500,000 text books for six-graders decided that a country also known as The Banana Republic could not possibly be taken serious for a Geography lesson. So, according to press reports, the books distributed by the Vanzolini … Continue reading

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Dora Bids Adieu to her Former Self… and Socks

After all the brouhaha surrounding her mysterious new look, the new Dora was finally unveiled, complete with longer hair, less pounds and more make-up. It looks like the new girl is now ready for some other kinds of fun… if … Continue reading

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Arizona Business Owner Finds Racism Funny. LOL!

This is the stupid “funny” sign posted outside the business of Flash Sharrar, owner of Team Ramco in Yuma, Az. who says is tired of having to turn away Hispanics looking for jobs. He says he is using the word ‘yobs’ because that’s … Continue reading

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Daddy Yankee’s Fragrance Smells Like a Threesome

Tired of your same old boring cologne? Puerto Rican reggaetonero has a tip for you: wear his new fragrance and you’ll have not one but two beauties running around the house looking to have a ménage á trois. (It’s not the cash, the … Continue reading

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Calderón Says Mexico’s Crime is Not That Bad. Gringos in Cancún Support His Claim

You all know Mexico’s organized crime is, well, much better organized that our sorry politicians. Even so, Mexican president Felipe Calderón this week delivered his strongest defense yet of his government accusing the media (and some in the U.S. government) … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Latinos Will Never Find a Job. Ever

The hardest part about finding a job in this economy is… finding the location of a job fair. According to an email blast sent out this week to members of The National Society for Hispanic Professionals, the upcoming New York Job … Continue reading


¡Sí, Se Puede! El Chapo Guzmán Makes it to ‘Forbes’ List of Gazillionaires!

Move over, Carlos Slim. Another “notable” Mexican, our very own drug lord El Chapo Guzmán, 54, has made Forbes’ list of billionaires with a fortune described as “self-made.” (Please, don’t be fooled by the cheap-looking Gortex jacket.) According to Forbes, the fortune … Continue reading

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It’s Official: NYT Editors Don’t Read Mi Blog es tu Blog

I always suspected the editors and reporters of the New York Times didn’t use my blog as reference for anything. But today I was finally able to prove it. According to a May 11 article, City Room’s Jennifer Lee wrote about … Continue reading

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