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Looking for a Job? Hurry! the Migra is Hiring

This country might be in the middle of an economic slump, but job seekers shouldn’t worry: the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection is looking to hire 11,000 people this year! According to the agency’s guidelines, the job has a … Continue reading

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Here’s is Why I Can’t Find a Job in Manhattan

If you follow New York City media, I’m sure you are now familiar with the plight of Melody Morales, who  is suing Manhattans’ Hawaiian Tropic eatery for alleged discrimination. Their crime? Despite Morales’ “stunning figure” and her being really comfy … Continue reading

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Go to Mexico. Get Mugged. We’ve Got you Covered!

Wanna go to Mexico but cannot afford to lose all your dinerito at the hands of some very mean people? Worry no more: the Melbourne, Australia branch of STA Travel has a plan for you. For only $2.60 a day, … Continue reading

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Change You Cannot Believe In

So much for the Inauguration euphoria. I woke up Wed. January 21st, ready to take in the long-promised Change. So I took a stroll around the White House’s Web site, where I hoped to find a comprehensive, all-inclusive Spanish-language page by clicking … Continue reading

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¡Ajúa! Celebrating Obama Corrido-Style

Introducing the first Obama corrido, celebrating our new president, who has “skin of color” (tiene su piel de color.) Courtesy of Sinaloa 21.

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Dear Obama: Minority Kids Have a Dream Too

It’s only hours before inauguration, and while Obama might be busy moving into the White House and dining with VIPs, he would be well advised to pause for a second and give Hispanic children a chance. Per Jory John’s OpEd … Continue reading

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Who Will Shed Light Over Immigration Now?

Spanish-language translation:  Y ahora, ¿quién podrá defendernos?

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