I Don’t Like Rap, but ‘They Can’t Deport Us All’ Is Catchy as Hell

If you are not Hispanic or –like me– are not a fan of rap, chances are you have never heard of Chingo Bling, but he has a new single out and it has the best title ever. They Can’t Deport Us All features a comedic take on the always exciting Migra vs. Mexicans action at the border. (According to several press reports, there are people who were not pleased by the name of this album, but what are you going to do?)

The lyrics are also funny –and racy– as hell. Take a listen and remember: They Can’t Deport Us All.

El Chingón IPA Is Coming Soon to your Nearby Bodega, Because Corporate America Loves ‘the Hispanics’

I never go to Dallas (nor do I see any reason to do that) so I had no idea they had an IPA over there called El Chingón. But now that Constellation Brands has acquired Four Corners, makers of said IPA, we’ll be seeing this thing everywhere across the USA –pretty much like those pesky Hispanics.

And it all makes sense. See? Even when non-Hispanics keep calling the cops on our people for speaking Spanish and our own clown-in-chief insists on calling Mexicans rapists and awful, awful people, corporate America still LOVES the Hispanics.

And there’s a reason for that. According to data shared by Constellation Brands, Hispanics make up more than 17 percent of beer drinkers in the U.S. and the number of Hispanic people entering legal drinking age over the next decade is expected to grow 3 percent to a total of 46 million.

So, no matter how much they hate us and want to deport our butts back-to-where-we-came-from, when it comes to spending our dinerito, my people are still very very chingones.

Via. CNN.com

Topeka Preps Taco-Themed Summer Event, Because what Else Is there to Do in Topeka?

Non-Mexicans craft inflatable ‘taco’ to go with their summer taco event and Chihuahua beauty pageant in Topeka.

What to do this summer in Topeka?

ANSWER: Attend a taco-themed festival *and* Chihuahua beauty pageant –of course!

And this will be possible thanks to Zach Haney, founder of Carnival Guy, a party rental supplier focusing on inflatable surfaces, who decided to launch Taco Topia, a taco-themed summer event filled with inflatable stuff –and most likely awful tacos.

Per an inexplicably long news article:

“Taco Topia will be held in two separate sessions, from noon to 3 to p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11  for crowd control and to keep taco wait times short.”

But if veggie and curry tacos (inflatable or otherwise) are not “Mexican” enough for you, Taco Topia will also feature a Chihuahua beauty pageant, because why pass the opportunity to throw yet one more thing real Mexicans never do?

Luckily for this blogger, this event will take place on the very same day I’ll be taking a very long flight to go spend summer in a very very far away place…

Via: The Topeka Capital Journal