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This Guacamole Mix Is so Convenient, you Just Need to Add… Avocados!

This product perfectly captures the essence of America, really… Hat tip: @lechancle

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I Don’t Like Rap, but ‘They Can’t Deport Us All’ Is Catchy as Hell

If you are not Hispanic or –like me– are not a fan of rap, chances are you have never heard of Chingo Bling, but he has a new single out and it has the best title ever. They Can’t Deport … Continue reading

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Einstein, Beethoven, Mona Lisa… they’re Just Like Us; they Love Tortillas!

I found this jewel in a Mexico subreddit but I haven’t been able to determine where this is. My hunch says CDMX, but I don’t know for sure. Please Internet, do your thing and tell me where this is.


Today in Awesome Mexican Translations…

  Chicken BBQ –presumably. Via: Reddit

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What Do I Do in my Spare Time? I Make Memes… Apparently

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From Chicken to Stationary: This Fine Establishment Proves Mexican Entrepreneurship Knows no Limits

Stop staring at this cute dog for one second and behold the wonders this establishment has to offer its customers. Chicken? ✅ Cybercoffee? ✅ Photocopies? ✅ Electronic errands? ✅ Add time to your cellphone plan? ✅ Seeds? (yes, seeds) ✅ Photo: Via Reddit México

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El Chingón IPA Is Coming Soon to your Nearby Bodega, Because Corporate America Loves ‘the Hispanics’

I never go to Dallas (nor do I see any reason to do that) so I had no idea they had an IPA over there called El Chingón. But now that Constellation Brands has acquired Four Corners, makers of said IPA, … Continue reading

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