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Speaking of ‘Ethnic Mexicans’ and their Love for Coca-Cola…

The above is a tweet by The Economist regarding my people’s* penchant for sugary drinks. *By ‘my people’ I mean tiny clowns clad in sarapes and big hats.

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White Mexican Kids Bring Coke, a Smile, and a Pat on the Shoulder to Indigenous Community

This is wrong in so many levels, that I’m just going to leave it here. I am speechless. I am without speech. WATCH. CRINGE. DON’T REPEAT

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Here’s What I’ll be Doing this Thanksgiving

For the many readers of this blog who have not asked: I’m going to spend the long weekend helping this nice lady teach her turkey behave like a civilized creature -once and for all. If unsuccessful, we’re just going to roast … Continue reading

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Disneyland: Now Peddling Elotes, Because Hispanic Marketing

I might be Mexican, but when I think of the magical kingdom of Disneyland, the last thing that comes to mind is a “street style” elote con chile *and* a colorful piñata/sarape background. How’s that for cultural appropriation?

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The Clinton Campaign Finds Inspiration in Speedy González

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America Seems Determined to Have me Self-Deport

Really, Whole Foods? Kaleamole? You have got to be kidding me. Where’s the Mexican-jumping-out-window emoji when you need it?

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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Whatever Happened to the Old Political Debate about Rejecting Mexicans Instead?

Being Mexican, and having lived in several countries, I’ve seen my share of political idiocy and horrors. But as it turns out, nothing had prepared me for the current “debate” taking place right now in my now adopted country about whether to … Continue reading

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Are You Guys Ready for Creme-Filled OREO Churros? I’m NOT

And just when I thought marketers had ran out of ridiculous, Hispanic-themed “foodstuffs,” corporate America is proud to introduce the Creme-filled OREO Churros, which according to a very detailed and unnecessary long press release, have “a crispy exterior, warm soft interior and real OREO cookie … Continue reading

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Fox News Totally Loves Muslims — as long as they Come Wrapped in the U.S. Flag

Kind of reminds me of this thing. Big #LOL Via: The Hill

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You Guys! Ben Carson Was Right

  (At least judging from this awesome Harlem store hawking Mexican parafernalia)

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The ‘Trumpiñata’ App Let’s you Whack Donald Trump from the Comfort of your Mobile Device

Do you hate El Trumpo but are not into whacking an actual piñata? Worry no more. Two young developers have created a free app for iOS and Android that envisions Donald Trump as a piñata you can whack to produce candy. According to … Continue reading

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What If…

 …This whole thing is nothing but a well-executed marketing campaign for Pepsi? Think about it

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Univision Wants You to Know it’s Really Shocked about the Paris Attacks 


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It’s a Hollywood Miracle! Chile’s 33 Rescued Miners Speak Fluent English

In August 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped 700 meters underground and about 5 kilometers from a mine’s entrance in Copiapó, Chile, where they remained for an agonizing 69 days until the 33 of them were rescued, alive and almost all in good medical … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse to Celebrate Birthday by Speaking Spanish, Fighting Danny Trejo as an Evil Piñata

What’s better than regular Mickey Mouse? A mustachioed, Spanish-speaking Mickey Mouse, of course! According to Indiewire, the Disney Channel will debut a new episode of its Mickey Mouse shorts called ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! in honor of Mickey’s birthday on Wednesday, November 18. Entirely in Spanish, the episode features Danny … Continue reading

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