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‘The New York Times’ en Español Promises More Color, Sombreros than the ‘Regular New York Times’

One of the many great things about being multilingual is that you get to read your media in their original language, without having to resort to translations (which can be terrifying). And that is why, for example, I like to read The New York … Continue reading


Sprint Revives Locomía in Latest Campaign, Because Everybody Wants the 80s Back

I don’t know about you, but I spent a pretty good chunk of my youth dancing like a maniac to the ridiculous tunes of Locomía, the Spanish 80s pop band formed by four flamboyant fashion students who wore makeup, outrageous … Continue reading

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Conan Is Heading to Mexico to Repair U.S.-Mexico Relations, Because Nobody Else Can

In these “interesting times,” in which the most important diplomatic decisions are made on Twitter, it’s only fitting that the only person that seems qualified to repair the much damaged U.S.-Mexico relation is… a television comedian. Sí, señor. Conan O’Brien, who jumped … Continue reading

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Anheuser-Busch Debuts Bad ‘Mexican’ Beer with an Even Worse Commercial

Estrella Jalisco, a beer brand you’ve never heard of (and one you should probably never drink) has decided to make its U.S. debut by pitching its own idea of “mexicanidad,” namely turning a regular American neighborhood into an animated fiesta, complete … Continue reading

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Meatless Chorizo Wins ‘Best Meat’ Award at Trader Joe’s, Because Vegans

The results are in and the winner of  this year’s Trader Joe’s Annual Customer Choice Award in the category of Best Meat is…. Soy Chorizo! Yes, the “vegetarian-friendly version of traditional Mexican sausage,” has been hailed by Trader Joe’s customers as the best … Continue reading

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Corona Beer to Trump: America is not a Country, you Dimwit!

America Great Again? Bitch, please… In a jab to “President” Donald Trump, Corona Beer this week launched a new video on its YouTube page, which basically makes a point this blogger has been hammering pretty much all her [adult] life: America … Continue reading

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Washington Feels Like One Big Funeral –to me, anyway

While I still cannot get my head around what just happened in America, I decided to come to Washington, D.C. this week, not only to march on Saturday, Jan. 21, but to try to understand Trump supporters; who they are and why they … Continue reading

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