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7-Eleven Beefs Up its ‘Latin-Inspired’ Food Offering. [Sort of]

It was just a matter of time. These days, where everything is Latino this and Hispanic that, you cannot just sleep in your laurels and do nada. That is why 7-Eleven, a company which is as American as apple-pie and … Continue reading

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This Dominican Salon in NYC Offers Clients a True Full Service

The mostly Latino staff at this Dominican salon on Amsterdam and 107th St. will not only wash, style, blow dry and fix your hair. They will also wash your hands, because, you know, they have to. Photo: Pierre Lacour

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Beware the Giant Afro While Driving in Mexico City

And just when I thought the whole Negrito Bimbo marketing couldn’t get any worse, @elderriver this week spotted this Bimbo moving ad in Mexico City.

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1983 vs. 2012: Watch the Evolution of the Mexican ‘Negrito’

If you have ever been to Mexico, chances are you’ve eaten or at least seen a Negrito, an ubiquitous chocolate sweet produced by Mexican food giant Grupo Bimbo and sold pretty much in every tiendita around the country. I ate one as recently … Continue reading

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Let’s Help PA Governor Find a Latino, Shall We?

Poor Tom Corbett; he was asked to talk about the Latino vote and complicated stuff like that… But how on Earth can this poor soul possibly answer all those questions when he needs help from a reporter to even find … Continue reading

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Univision Might Want to Reconsider the Name of ‘Flama,’ its New Millennial Destination

As I reported a few days ago on Portada Online, Univision soon will debut Flama, a “digital destination that promises culturally relevant content targeting Hispanic millennials.” So far so good. As most Spanish-speakers know, “flama” is Spanish for “flame,” which I … Continue reading

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“Mexican” Herbs: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Organic food marketers will have you believe that us (i.e. The Mexicans) have a way of going about carrying a bunch of essential herbs, including non-essential nor-necessarily Mexican herbs [peppermint leaf, cumin seed, basil and coriander.] I do carry around … Continue reading

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Coming Soon to your Hispanic TV Screen: ‘Cumbia Ninja’

What happens when an old Chinese ninja master meets a group of cumbia musicians living in a Latin American slum controlled by drug dealers? Well, I’m not really sure but we will soon find out, as MundoFox last week announced … Continue reading

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The Parties and the Fun Behind the 2013 Hispanic TV Upfronts

This is exhausting! In addition to covering this week’s Hispanic TV Upfronts for these guys and these guys, I had to save some juicy details for the not-so-serious side of the 3-day-marathon of parties, parties and parties, programming presentations, interviews … Continue reading

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Disney Wants Quinceañeras to Display ‘Grace and Poise’ While Wearing This Thing

Disney, the company that thinks Latino families dance cumbia while at an amusement park, this week unveiled the Disney Royal Ball collection, “the first ever line of Quinceañera gowns inspired by the inner qualities, personalities and stories of the Disney Princess characters.” … Continue reading

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Univision CEO Asks Adorable Non-Hispanic Kids What’s Better

Univision’s upfront presentation Tuesday in New York City included some surprises and lots of more-of-the-same programming announcements. There were some humorous moments, though, including a collective seizure (i.e. Harlem Shake) performed by Steve Mandala and his top sales team. However, … Continue reading

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NBCU Hijacked Univision’s Upfront with a Van Full of Data

This blogger is so tired from all this partying busy this week, that a proper upfront round-up will not come until the weekend (sit tight.) However, I thought you’d like to know that barely minutes after Univision wrapped its upfront presentation … Continue reading

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Before ‘Space Oddity,’ Chris Hadfield Showed us Why Tortillas are Better than Bread in Space

It seems to me that everyone and their mother tonight are talking about the amazing ‘Space Oddity’ cover by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. So I won’t bother you guys with it. However, much more relevant to this blog is Hadfield’s comprehensive … Continue reading

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Aeroméxico Might Want to Change its Name to ‘IronMéxico’

It is no secret that international air travel is undergoing a severe financial crisis; with fuel costing a lot of money and all. But airline owners are a creative bunch and have found “innovative” ways to make additional cash, including … Continue reading

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Latinas to Shine in Primetime [As Maids, of Course]

As this blog dutifully reported it almost one year ago, Lifetime Television has finally set a date for the premiere of Devious Maids, a 13-episode series featuring a bunch of Latino women who work as -what else?- maids. Devious Maids is … Continue reading

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