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Why I Love Mexico (Part IV)

Who needs sophisticated marketing tools and job classifieds when you can advertise a job in a very simple, straight-forward way? The picture above, taken somewhere in my beloved Mexico City, was sent to me by a reader of my blog, … Continue reading

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My Butt is Not Latina Enough

Speaking about culturally relevant modifications to products and services, I remember a press release I received the other day from Fiorana, an apparel maker from Fort Worth, Texas, announcing the launch of its first women’s “Latina Cut” line of jeans.According … Continue reading

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Dems Respond to Bush’s Address in Plain Spanish

Millions of viewers who tuned in to the Univision network to watch last night’s State of the Union address were not only treated with the first-ever State of the Union televised live entirely in Spanish, but also saw a radically … Continue reading

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H&R Block Wants you to Pay Taxes (Latino Style)

I love marketers; always so accommodating to our Latin lifestyle! Whatever that might mean. In the most recent sign that Corporate America really likes us (and wants our money) H&R Block today announced that it has opened not one but … Continue reading

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English is for Business. Spanish is for Gossiping

In a story this past Sunday about English-only policies in the workplace, the New York Times quoted some ‘brilliant’ cultural insights from Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy, which in October did a study … Continue reading

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¡Pepe el Toro es Inocente! (and He’s Made of Vinyl)

And speaking of godly figurines, I’m happy to report that my people (i.e. Mexicans) have finally done it. And by this I mean, a couple of nutty, very creative guys have come out with a vinyl-made collectible figuring of Pepe … Continue reading

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What Were They Thinking???!!!

One has to appreciate the efforts done by Christian marketers, and the creativity surrounding Jesus paraphernalia. But this “decorative light-switch” -found in Peloton69– left me, well, speechless… It just sort of makes me want to re-think the whole “Let the … Continue reading


My Blog (Which is Also Yours) Turns One Today

So much for the bitching and complaints about so-called Hispanic marketing. Today is a happy day, as my blog turns one year old! Yep, it was on Jan. 24, 2007 when I decided to do something totally productive with my … Continue reading


Help Make Chilangolandia a Monopoly Destination

Attention, Mexico City lovers! The world’s most chaotic and lovable city is among a list of 68 world capitals that could make it to the upcoming world edition of Hasbro’s Monopoly game. Winning will be tough, as chilangolandia is up … Continue reading

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How to Throw the Perfect ‘Hispanic’ Wedding

It was only a matter of time before somebody came up with a Spanish-language magazine for the Latino bride. So meet Bodas USA la revista, a magazine, whose editors and writers are pitching as the ultimate source of information for … Continue reading

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‘Unamundo’ Host Esteban Colberto Does Lou Dobbs

In case you missed this, Stephen Colbert this week incarnated Esteban Colberto, a Spanish-language speaking Latino of dubious origin. As host of Colberto Reporto Gigante, Colberto “sat down” with Lou Dobbs to talk about fences, corporate America and the war … Continue reading

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And Now… Naked News en Español

Tired of all those news anchor muchachas at Univision, Telemundo and Azteca America who only show us cleavage and legs but nothing more? Despair no more. The creators of Naked News, the Canadian broadcaster that features news presented by an … Continue reading

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A Bus Load of Latinos Head to Pasco’s State Capitol!

I bet you didn’t know this, but today (Wednesday Jan. 16) is Hispanic Day in Pasco, WA (pop. 200,000). And what this means, say political leaders, is simple: today is the day in which a group of local politicians will … Continue reading

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El Chavo Makes Animated Debut… Sans Chilindrina

After what seemed like an endless wait, Univision has finally announced the Jan. 20 premiere of El Chavo del 8 animated series, the half hour series featuring -in cartoon form- all those friendly characters we, Mexicans, grew up with. But … Continue reading

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Wanna Go to P.R? Watch Out for Chupacabras

You might have seen this before, but you will have to forgive my tardiness (as I’m still cleaning up my Inbox). The New York Times informs me that Marvel Comics has released Isla de la Muerte, a new comic featuring … Continue reading

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